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March 26 2012

Free screenings of The Cabin in the Woods for Sky Movie customers. Two free tickets up for grabs for April 3rd screenings. It also screens tonight at 20something locations across UK.

Just got back from the Hull screening. Loved it!
Yep, just got back from the Cambridge one. I will leave my review as just :D

Fran Kranz completely stole the show though!
Me too! Just saw it near Glasgow - amazing. Do not let yourself get spoiled for this movie. Go in without knowing anything and enjoy.
Just got in from Basingstoke - really enjoyed myself. You should see this film, even if you're not a "horror" person.
As someone who is not a "horror" person, how horrific is it? In terms of violence/gore, I mean. I watched Slither without a problem, if that gives some indicator of my gore tolerance.

I really, really would like to see this movie but don't want to watch it with my eyes closed.
If you watched Slither no problem, this will be fine.
Thanks, gossi! Given it's Joss, I figured it wouldn't be over the top, but being the wimp that I am, I wanted to be sure.
As another non horror person that's good to know. I've never seen a 'real' horror flick in cinema before. Hardly can wait for this one though.

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Back from Northampton screening! It's so very good.
Well I would say the bit is pretty gory.

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Saw it in Leeds yesterday and loved it. Fran Kranz and Kristin Connolley are amazing. I went in with two itzy bitzy spoilers (both of which I wasn't really aware were spoilerish until I saw the film) and I wish I hadn't known them. Stay spoiler free if you can.

I wouldn't say it was any more gory or disturbing than some episodes of Buffy, Angel, Firefly or Dollhouse.
Hmm, daylight. Umbrella? Unicorn? Underwear? Now I am further intrigued.
While I'd agree that if you got through Slither, you'd probably be ok with this, I think it is considerably more gory and disturbing that anything Joss has been involved with before (which I personally loved).

Don't be misled into thinking this is in any way horror-lite. It's rated a 15 in the UK (meaning no-one under 15 is allowed to see it) and it fully deserves that rating. A few years back, it would probably have got an 18 rating.

Hmm, daylight. Umbrella? Unicorn? Underwear? Now I am further intrigued.

mnspnr - just you wait for it! ;)

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