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March 26 2012

Hear a sample of the new Soundgarden song from The Avengers soundtrack. Spoiler Alert: It sounds like Soundgarden. The full tracklist of the soundtrack can be found here.

Still loving the fact that Soundgarden are back together! Chris Cornell's solo stuff and his time with Audioslave was awesome but you just can't compare anything else he's done to Soundgarden. After Pearl Jam they were the band that influenced me the most during my teen years, turning me into the rock obsessed festival addict I am today! Love 'em!
Isn't the Hindi theme song out today?
Sounds cool. Heard a rumor a while back that Aerosmith might do a song for the soundtrack. That would be even better.
And just when I thought I'd reached a sort of surviable baseline in my excitement for The Avengers THIS happens!

Thank Gawd there's less than a month until A-day!
why isn't anybody mentioning Cornell's time with Timbaland?

I'm kidding, stop throwing stones.....
Shhhhh... I'm still trying to fool myself into believing that never happened. Only trouble is, I'm not that gullible.

I've added a link to the full track listing. Not my cup of tea to be honest. No Agnee either. Boo.
A few years ago I would have been ecstatic with this song lineup. Now it's more of a "meh."
That is one hell of a track listing! I own at least one album from every one of those bands/artists and I'm seeing over half of them live at some point this year. The Evanescence track is just incredible! The Avengers just became my favourite movie of the year based on soundtrack alone!
Actually there's a very slight lie in my last comment. Never heard of Pusherjones, although based on everything else on the soundtrack, I have high hopes!
So are all these songs in the movie?
Yeah although it's being described as a soundtrack it's "music from and inspired by," so no.

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