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January 30 2004

Angel R2 DVD Details. Complete Details of Commentaries and Featurettes

Question why is Jeffrey Bell doing a commentry for Orpheus when Mere Smith wrote it?

Be great to see AD and AH's take on STB and THAW, but I wish Fury had done the commentry for Salvage instead.

That is a good looking set. I would imagine we will see it here in R1 around what, late summer or early fall?
Season 3 comes out Feb 10. Ideally, that would mean season 4 would come out late this year. They usually give at least 5 months in between DVD sets.
Commentary for 'Spin The Bottle' by Joss Whedon and Alexis Denisof? Oh my god I'll be in Heaven! Two men of my dreams! Squee!

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