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March 26 2012

Six new behind the scenes pics from The Avengers. Check out the sixth pic for a certain someone holding Cap's shield.

That picture of Joss holding Cap's shield makes my day.
Everyone's loving it. I think it's the best Avengers promo pic yet.
My Children are now playing that Joss is his own superhero. :D I couldn't be happier. Joss Away!
"What was that?" "I think Joss' inner child just squeed."
Yeah, that was the best pic ever!
Nice one of Thor with Joss, too.

Thor. Looking Thor-tful. Nice.
Love the Joss with Cap's shield pic. It is beyond awesome

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Because the colors of the shield go with the colors of That Shirt.

I think Thor has the best looking costume of the bunch (assembly?). The still of Thor with Captain America makes an interesting style comparison.
Nothing makes me feel like Joss has "made it" more than seeing him direct Samuel L Jackson.
Nice pics, especially the one with Joss holding the shield :)

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