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March 26 2012

Agnee - Hello Andheron aka The Avengers Hindi theme song. New footage from the movie! More info about the song here.

I have no idea what I just watched.
I like it. Shame it's just for the Hindi dubbed version of the movie.
There seems to be a crisper version, posted three days earlier.
Hooray for clearer versions.
Wish they were using that one here. :(
I'm hoping it will go on sale here. It's a very addictive song.
Considering I had no idea what they were saying, I kinda liked it! I love that Disney isn't just focusing on the U.S. market to promote this movie. It should do big overseas. It will be very interesting to see how it opens in countries before the U.S.
Having grown up more an X-Men fan I'm surprised to see that there's so much of this kind of rock even on the international soundtracks for this movie. Post-grunge I don't really have much interest in that sort of generically angry rock that I'd written off so I just kind of assumed it'd faded off.

Comics Alliance snarkily has the headline for the American soundtrack, "Avengers' Movie Soundtrack to be Best-Selling Album of 2001" and I sort of had no idea half of those bands were still putting stuff out if I even knew they existed in the first place.

Maybe I'm just irrationally concerned about all the critique about John Carter's marketing seeming a bit out of touch? (The only song I remember from that campaign was that cover of My Body is a Cage which not only has hipster and/or indie cred but was actually thematically appropriate.) It seems like they might be pushing a bit hard for a certain demographic that I figured might be inclined to watch explosions anyway rather than more appeal across demos.
I've been listening to the song from India pretty much all afternoon.
Definitely not faded off, orangewaxlion! In fact, if you go to either Download or Sonisphere this year, you'll see that for yourself! Most of those bands are better now than ever, especially live! I've had to limit myself to just Sonisphere this time around (largely due to also doing two Pearl Jam gigs and an Eddie Vedder solo show around the same time... money only goes so far, unfortunately...) but I'd be at Download too if it were possible. Soundgarden and Ozzy Osbourne on the same night and I'm not there! >:(

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