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March 27 2012

SFX Sexiest Characters Poll Results. Lots of Whedonverse favourites and some rather surprising and entertaining pairings.

People think Bella Swann is sexier than Anya? ... The world is definitely doomed.
LOL, James is on there twice, once as Captain John and Spike. Good for him!
Snort on #5, too funny.

And love love love #3, current heart's desire+childhood heroine=shiny awesome ship.

Really, this child of the 70s wanted those wrist guards desperately.
Amy and Eliza are on twice, too. What absolutely amazes me is how they ended up with the pairings they did by ACCIDENT??? You know the ones I mean...
I doubt if anyone could 'tame' Darla.
Over 10% are Whedonverse characters I think someone said. That's not bad.
Nice list, although I really don't agree with the order most of the time :P
And indeed steverogers, the pairings seem a bit to 'unrandom', but they are nice!
The pairings are interesting.

Hee, Tyrion is there too.
Have I been using "slash" wrong all these years, or does the author seriously think that 'slash fiction' applied to all couple fan written stories?

Also - Yay Spuffy ;p (kidding, sort've - I did grin a mouth full of toothpaste *multi-tasking major*) and a LONG pause over Willow and Angel. I really need to get through rereading all the old comics so I can catch up to the new issues.

This poll gave me all kind of xover thoughts - and there in lies angsty badness (and most likely crack).
It's my understanding that slash originally referred to pairings that weren't in the original narrative and later came to be only same sex pairings.

eg Angel/Willow

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