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March 27 2012

(SPOILER) Some Buffy Season 9 info from Dark Horse's Scott Allie. It may confirm what you've already guessed or then again, it might not.

If this is true, then... Lame. Just lame.

It seems like a huge cheat to set up things like an unplanned pregnancy and loss of a limb only to reveal it was a big fake out and that Buffy was a robot the whole time.

And it is compounded by the fact I have never been a fan of all of the "-bots" running around. It's one of those things that brings in a science fiction element into a supernatural universe, and I've never believed that the two meshed particularly well. One of the things I disliked about season six were all of the freeze rays, invisibility rays, and robots that the Trio were crafting. It pulled the show into directions that I believe it shouldn't have gone. So it's really disappointing to see these elements being recycled in season nine.
Ah, Simone. Turning the slayer into a robot is not exactly what I thought would happen when she said she wanted to kill her.
Andrew did it? What were you thinking, scared hair?
Allie implies that Buffy's consciousness is in this robot. If that is the case then I think it could work.

Either it's a mislead or a case where common logic doesn't apply.
Or the robot was programmed to believe it was pregnant.

Allie seems to imply the pregnancy storlyline is over. If so, well, I am not sure even what to say.
Since the bot has been able to convince everyone that it is an intelligent slayer, why is it so absurd to think it can't read as positive on a pregnancy test?
Or the robot was programmed to believe it was pregnant.

Maybe. Then again, what for? Only to present Joss with a chance to make a political statement?

I still hope that it's a mislead to distract us from the real story. I don't believe that Joss would defy all narrative logic for the message's sake.

@insistondoubt - it's a mechanical body. And we saw the actual test strip. A mechanical body couldn't produce the right hormones.

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Mechanical body that can secrete something which can fool a test strip. Whatever. Robots can be clever things.
Well,I figured Andrew was behind it but it does sound like the pregnancy storyline is over.
And the storyline of Buffy's child begins?
I don't know how much more explicitly he could have stated it. Not pregnant, never was. As I thought, "I guess this means I'm not pregnant" was every bit the expository announcement to those scoring at home, or even those by themselves, that it sounded like. It may be a trite mess that a robot would glitch or be designed to have a positive pregnancy test, but not nearly the ridiculous mauling of logic required for someone to have put the robot-replacement-forced-breeding plan into motion. Hope this storyline doesn't let the door hit it in the bum on the way out, frankly -- that includes the robot. Get that handled by #10 or #11 so what's left of the season might be salvaged.
If this is true, then... Lame. Just lame.


Allie seems to imply the pregnancy storlyline is over. If so, well, I am not sure even what to say.

And this.

Hope this storyline doesn't let the door hit it in the bum on the way out, frankly -- that includes the robot. Get that handled by #10 or #11 so what's left of the season might be salvaged.

Aaand this.
Is anybody else getting a Batsu vibe from last season about this?

Batsu and issue 12 was so hyped in the media because of Buffy sleeping with someone of the same sex and the social controversy over it.There was all this media stuff and interview and in the end it didn't really amount to anything and was wrapped up three issues later in issue 15.

This is sort of giving me the same vibe now IMO.All this hype and social controversy over Buffy being pregnant and not knowing who the father was and the abortion controversy in Buffy # 5-7.All the media attention and interviews due to the controversies and in the end it's quickly wrapped up with the robot reveal at the end of issue 7 and probably issue 8 explaining things.So again you're talking about a controversal event in the Buffy comic centered around Buffy herself due to the social divide over the topic(same sex relations last season vs. unplanned pregnancy and abortion this season) causing massive hype and media attention with interviews about the social controversy of the subject.Only to have it wrapped up quickly in like three issues from when the topic was raised.

Batsu in issue 12 and wrapped in issue 15.

Unplanned Pregnancy and abortion subject introduced in issues 5-6 and wrapped in issues 7-8.
You're not wrong. Like father like son? More like exact same guy like exact same guy, replete with day-of-release press coverage that, despite the manifest impossibility that the media's interest came from audience response since... day-of-release... is in no way an effort by the publisher to sensationalize the story.
Yeah, but...didn't she throw up a couple of times? Robots don't get morning sickness...I need the next issue really badly.
I'm withholding judgment until I read the story. This seems pretty odd though.
I'm still not convinced there won't be a baby. Throwing up, peeing on a stick and having it be positive, just doesn't work if she's a robot.
I still think the switch was made between her visit to Robin and the scene by the pool.
I have no idea how anybody finds it harder to believe a robot can be fallible, can produce bad data (vomit, false reading of a hormone) than that somebody A) had Buffy under constant surveillance to find out she was pregnant (since she told three people, total), B) just in case she might get pregnant, and C) had a robot doppelganger that could have Buffy's actual consciousness shoved into it laying aronud, ready to go on a moment's notice.

Not pregnant, never was, guys. Done deal.
Well, if this interview is to be taken at face value (and right now I have no reason to believe otherwise) then first of all, have to say, KingofCretins called it.

Now, I've got no problem admitting when I'm wrong but when me being wrong means that a storyline has taken such a turn for the pointless and ridiculous that I had completely refused to believe that Joss would allow it to go that way, that's when I do have a problem. All of the time, energy and emotion they wasted on the Buffy being pregnant and wanting an abortion plot and it turns out that she's a robot instead? As admittedly convoluted as it would have been to have had Buffy's real body be stolen in order to prevent any harm coming to her baby, I'd actually still have preferred that to this non-story. Have Buffy find herself in a Buffybot body, fine! I'm sort of okay with mixing science fiction elements into a fantasy setting, to a point, but why bother with the faux-pregnancy plot at all?

I know people will say it was for the shock value of doing the Buffy-wants-an-abortion issue, and that it's no different to the Buffy-is-a-lesbian plot, but for me it's very different. Buffy and Satsu didn't seem all that strange to me. I know lots of straight girls that have randomly tried a gay relationship or one night stand at some point in their lives. It happens and doesn't necessarily mean the person's life is going to change for good, or even for very long. Buffy was in a place where she needed love and comfort and Satsu was in a place where she wanted to offer it. It happened. They moved on. That I believe. This time though, the pregnancy/abortion fake out feels forced and completely unnecessary. A complete waste of several issues of the book and such a total misdirection as to almost remove its significance entirely. I'm really disappointed, to be honest. I was hoping for more, and I didn't even want Buffy pregnant in the first place!
On the other hand, if the Buffy body switch did happen after the pregnancy test, and it had nothing to do with Buffy being pregnant at all but instead was just a poorly timed coincidence, then that would open up a quite interesting storyline.

If Andrew switched her into the robot body, not knowing that she was pregnant, and then somehow loses her real body, baby still inside, that could lead to Buffy being forced to go through with a pregnancy she didn't want, because of Andrew. We don't know how far along Buffy was to begin with, after all. At least that would provide some meaning and consequence to what we have been led to believe so far.
I'd have been open to that possibility, Five, even speculated on it, but after an interview like this that so explicitly says "no" to her pregnancy and the unmistakable "we're explaining the story" quality of Buffy taking a moment to say "I guess this means I'm not pregnant". I just don't see it. There's nothing to gain from her still being pregnant at this point.
We still haven't read the story.... Everyone needs to calm down. Who's to say Allie didn't mean the ROBOT Buffy isn't pregnant but the real one is? I'm just tired of people jumping to conclusions. Joss and Co. aren't incompetent, they wouldn't make such a big deal with the pregnancy issue and then drop it for a far-fetched plot idea. And if they do I'd be very surprised. But that's neither her nor there, we'll all find out by the end of this arc, I'm sure. I like how the editor called it the abortion story arc...
Hey gosh I wonder if it's a metaphor for Buffy TAKING HER BODY (and the control of it: ie, her agency) BACK!
Hmm, I wonder how that'd be relevant to an abortion discussion........
I'll stop abusing sarcasm now. Seriously folks, breathe.
Allie could simply be answering the question based on current status of the story, -- which is Buffy going, "Oops, not pregnant; robot." -- rather than making a grand pronouncement. Really, no one here in this thread can say either way.
At this point I'd be deeply surprised if Buffy was ever pregnant. The article that ran a few days ago calling into question the decision to raise the abortion issue and then erase it by having the whole thing be a fake-out was written after the authors of that article chatted with Allie. Would he really have left them with that false impression knowing that they'd write an article critical of Joss and co. as a result?

This all is strikingly parallel to Batsu. It serves some minor plot purposes -- it moves Buffy onto Spike's ship, for example; it will work as a catalyst for Buffy to get serious about getting her life together. But mostly it's an exercise in giving Joss an excuse to run to major press outlets to gravely declare that he holds the exact social-political views one would expect someone from Hollywood to hold.

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There's nothing to gain from her still being pregnant at this point.

Ideologically, yes.

Narratively - a lot. There is an incredible wealth of stories hidden here and I can't believe that Joss would miss such an opportunity.

(Or maybe I'm in denial :)
Let us for the moment consider this: say that the real Buffy is pregnant. Which right now we have no compelling reason to believe (given Allie's words, which if he is offering a mislead I would find troubling). But say she is. So what? What importance could this really be? We are assuming that in some way there is something fateful for this baby. But why would that be? Buffy is not actually even The Slayer; Faith is. That's where the Slayer line runs. So why should this baby be unusual? So, maybe it is not. Maybe it is simply a means to an end- that end being Buffy retiring from slaying for a normal life. If. She. Is. Pregnant. That is.

The baby should be unusual simply because Buffy is the protagionist. Which means she gets the most interesting arcs.

I wonder if there is a study of a monomyth of a female hero similar to Campbell's "Hero With Thousand Faces" that explores the monomyth of a male hero.
Well, it's already been said: Lame. And ridiculous. Ridiculously lame even. And disappointing. Not Buffy not being pregnant, that wasn't a story I was terribly excited about, but at least it was being handled sensitively (IMO). But a preggers Buffy!Bot? There is no amount of handwaving or fanwanking that will ever make this anything but ...well, ...lame ...and ridiculous. So, ...*sigh* disappointed.
So I'm in the camp that says Buffy's body took the pregnancy test and the swap occurred later. Science fiction requires the suspension of disbelief, IMO. Given the info that we have, Andrew's technology is based on 2000 through 2011 technology. I can get behind a high developed mechanical robot that is very humanoid. However, I have a hard time accepting that any bot of this time frame could replicate the pregnancy hormones. I did have trouble with Spike's Buffy bot's sexual functioning. However, sexual enhancers were already around or being discussed in the culture. Thus, I could suspend my disbelief regarding Buffybot's sexual activities. I am not aware of research that's widespread on replicating in uterine pregnancy: It might be around but it's not discussed. IMO, the science part of a fictional pregnant robot created circa 2011 is hard to believe and borders on absurd.

I also think that Joss was coming on way too strong on the abortion issue in interviews for this to be magically resolved by Buffy being a bot for the pregnancy test.

I think the Buffy body had a pregnancy, was switched with the bot, and is in stasis somewhere potentially pregnant. Don't forget 1/3 of all pregnancies are miscarried. I hope that the body switch was Joss saying Buffy's ability to make a grown up decision was stolen from her. Thus, the abortion story wasn't meaningless.
I'm with hann23. We know that Buffy blacked out at her party (after not drinking very much); we know there was a creepy neighbor at her party whom we've still never seen; and we know that Buffy experienced morning sickness and had a positive pregnancy test; we know that Buffy is currently a robot.

To me, this still looks like the setup for a pregnancy story, in which Buffy's consciousness was put in the robot after learning she was pregnant. Which means Buffy's body is probably still pregnant.

I realized Allie's comments seem to dismiss that possibility; but it's not like he's going to hand out free spoilers. And it wouldn't be the first time he's said things that were misleading to some degree. So I think the assumption that the pregnancy storyline is over is a bit premature.
It seems to me that he's very specifically saying, "This is what Buffy thinks. This is what Buffy has realized," without giving us the facts of what's actually happening. I'd reserve judgment until the actual comic says otherwise. (Remember the interviews after #5, indicating that this season is about motherhood? We get the current state of Buffy- not the future one- in interviews.
We do all remember that Allie, after the variant cover for #8 came out, pretty much told us "It isn't a fake out, she actually gets her arm chopped off"? Yea...notice how that wasn't quite the real deal?
Take everything with a grain of salt. There's no reason he can't misdirect and, honestly, that's kind of his job.
It will neither be unfair nor surprising when what Allie just said (never was pregnant), what Joss said (not about what happens, about the moment of decision), and what Buffy said (I guess this means I'm not pregnant) turn out to be true.

Which, isn't that a good thing? Take the robot foolishness off the table, let's say she just had a false positive and found out prior to an abortion. Now, for months, I know a clear majority never wanted her to be pregnant. And Buffy clearly didn't want to be pregnant. And another definite majority was, if not enthusiastic, certainly a majority was accepting/supportive of her plans to not be pregnant. She... isn't. Again, ignore the robot -- isn't that good news? Why isn't it Miller Time? Joss said he didn't want to gloss over or use euphemisms talking about abortion, and he didn't. People didn't want Buffy to be pregnant and she isn't.
I refuse to believe a robot can eat, drink, and pee, yet get it's arm chopped off and just look like a regular old robot arm. The switch had to happen between issue 6 and 7. Please God almighty.
None of those would be new devices for robots in popular scifi/fantasy.
Really? I guess I don't know too much about sci-fi and pooping robots... Examples?

But either way how about this: the first issue. If she's not pregnant, there would be no point at all to the very deliberate first issue. In retrospect, it was clearly a set-up for her to have mystery sex and for a who's-the-daddy story layer. Also! If she's really been a robot...then how would Severus have mystically started sucking her slayer powers in the fourth issue? I just can't believe Buffy wouldn't realize she's not a robot for such a long time, unless she was programmed not to question it or something...which is possible...but a stretch.

I understand the "I guess I'm not pregnant" was such an expository line that it's hard to believe they're going anywhere else but ditching it. But I am holding out some real, and I think educated hope that it's to maybe have the next issue be a reveal that the other Buffy (consider the upcoming cover art), is keeping the baby or something along those lines.
Allie said:
After Buffy decided to terminate her pregnancy, she realized she was not in fact pregnant, but actually a robot.

Hello, Misdirection Guy! Allie's very good at that. lol Of course the BuffyBot is not pregnant, but her real body still is.

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