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January 30 2004

Buffy Season 6 DVD R1 Street Date Change! Today Fox reversed themselves, and made their insert true.

In a statement released to retailers and press, Fox Home Entertainment announced that Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Season 6 would now have a street date of May 25, 2004.

We know this will suite many American Buffy fans very well. Not only is it sooner, it's just before the long Memorial Day holiday, so anyone so inclined can go all through it in a 3-Day weekend!

YES! thanks for posting.
My Amazon pre-order still has the July date but hopefully they just haven't updated yet!
This is awesome - I'd been taping S6 off FX (haven't seen it yet), but they started playing them out of sequence and I got frustrated and quit. And now I find it's being released on DVD six weeks early? Score.
Oh my god! There is a god! Oh my god! I have to email my buffy friends now to tell them! Weeee!
If it weren't for money issues, this would be horribly exciting! Despite them, and the fact that I still don't have season five (Gasp!!), I'm still very happy to hear it'll be out sooner.

And just think... five to six months after that, and we'll be getting the very end of the series on disc. I bet people will be having crazy, week-long marathons at that point. I think it'd be wise to stay clear of the roads during that time, as there would be many sleep-deprived Buffy fans making dinner runs.
Hey - I noticed on the features list two easter eggs. After a quick google, I found how to access the S6 eggs, but no mention of previous season eggs. Anyone know of any?
Well, that is very good news indeed...I'm assuming (not foolishly, I hope) that the entire first run of OMWF, without the horrid cuts, will be included?
They only started Easter Eggs on the season 6 set and there will be some on the R2 S7 set so presumably they will be on the R1 set as well

It was the complete version of OMWF on the R2 set so presumably the same on R1

And we got the complete version of Bargainning on the set
I'm looking forward to the OMWF music videos.
I guess someone up there really does love us Buffy fans.
*hugs Fox Home Entertainment*
It will be a glorious yet sad day when all Buffy DVDs are in our more to look forward to having and enjoying in perpetuity...and yet, so glad to have such marvelous stuff forever...I've never had an attachment like this to a TV show before, neither has my's lovely and remarkable and lovely....
yes my partner and i also have never been so darned keen about a show either. Who would've thought i'd be a Sarah Michelle Gellar fan?
May is still too long to wait!:)
Well, I've seen the Cover Art For Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season Six in Region 1. I presently own all of the boxsets and they are all just average. The Boxset has Dark Willow, Buffy and Xander, with a crisp yellow background. You Gotta see it!!

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