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March 28 2012

Joss Whedon - the GQ interview. "There are two things that I cannot resist: one is musicals and the other is a spaceship in trouble. But I am smart enough not to combine the two things..."

Wow, two interviews in two days.
Well, it's not that surprising with two movies coming up so soon now. Great times ahead!
Not sure what he meant by the definition of "jukebox musical" for Les Mis. I've never heard it described as such. Is there something I actually disagree with Joss about? (Though he's not the first I've heard say he doesn't like it)
"I dont like Les Mis." Yeah, i got that vibe from A Hole In The World lol.
"but eventually people will want someone to put it on a tripod and spend some money."
And who else thinks it's only a matter of time before he makes a musical about a spaceship in trouble?
And here I thought the only thing missing from "Out of Gas" was a toe-tapping breakaway hit.
It seems like the quote might be a bit mixed up. I can understand Joss not liking sung-through musicals, but Les Mis, even though based on a French concept album (the possible issue), is not exactly a jukebox musical.
I think when he says 'jukebox musical' he must be referring to Rock of Ages.

Now that he's mentioned it, I can't imagine anything I'd rather see him do next than a musical set on a spaceship.
So in the past he's talked about revisiting Goners but recently said he doesn't know what the process would be like (given what it was before, presumably), and here he says he's not big on going back to unfinished projects. Sigh. I continue to believe unreasonably anyway.
We need to have a betting pool on who dies in Avengers Assemble...
Ah come on, we all know we'd have lapped up a Firefly musical episode like nobody's business. 'Cept show-business...
I've already heard Pepper Potts mentioned as a high probability death. Obviously, he couldn't actually kill any of the main Avengers, as Marvel has future movie plans for them.
steverogres: understood. I think either Pepper Pots or Black Widow, myself.
Cap's gonna bite it.
If he kills pepper pots, I shall be most sad.
I think the "Lez Miz" quote and the "jukebox musical" quote were meant to be two separate things (i.e., "I like sax, I like violins"). As for a musical set on a spaceship - what, no "Dr. Horrible in Spaaaaace"? Sigh ...
Now I'm dreaming of Mark Rylance working on a Joss Whedon project.
Can Pepper Potts be killed off? I ask since she's an integral part of the Iron Man universe and I gotta wonder how that would affect the impending Iron Man 3.
Personally I think a spin-off series about a Firefly-class Showboat would be a winner.
Pepper Potts has already been casted for in Iron Man 3. She is safe for now.
Oh, good. I see that Black Widow has also been cast in that one - so those two at least are safe.
I haven't heard anything definite about a forthcoming Hawkeye movie. So, sadly, that's where my money is.
Is it earned?

Probably the three most frustrating words in any storytelling medium. I think it's great that he thinks in those terms though... I get the feeling so few do these days.

icallitvera Strangely I doubt Joss will kill an Avenger in this one. From the quote above, he has a lot to set up just to get them to fight each other, work together, and grow, and combat a threat that I'm not sure he could set up and kill someone without it feeling a little forced.

I'm not saying it can't be done, it just sounds REALLY ambitious. You know, the kind of ambitious that you see it done ten times and only one gets it "sort of" right.
Joss is never ambitious.
I agree with Azzers, but if Joss were going to kill one, it does seem strangely right to do it to an Alum...
I think he is killing off lots of people who are in front of those flipping cars in the trailer ...
Wait. Now think. Joss loves to kill off characters in established, loving relationships. The closest thing we have to that in The Avengers is Tony Stark saying (at the end of Iron Man 2) that he's now in a "stable-ish" relationship with Pepper - and we know they'll both be in IM 3. So, he'd have to both create and destroy a great relationship within the confines of a single movie to pull that off. With so much else going on in this movie, can even Joss accomplish that?
I think Joss can pull off a death in the Avengers. Super hero movies are full of violent deadly scenes. I think the less build up the better -- it will be MORE shocking.

See alot of people going to this movie are already attached to the supes, so Whedon really doesn't need to introduce anyone or any relationship. Plus death is random in the Whedonverse. Anyone can bite the dust at any time. Why not a supe in the middle of a battle? It works in my books, except that it will spear me in the heart. It will be the only super hero movie that drives me to tears, I know it.

So I'm going for Hulk. The audience already loves the Hulk. He's all about the rage which can be uncontrollable. He'll probably sacrifice himself or something along those lines.

#2 on my list of "Who will Joss kill?" is Capt. The only problem is that Capt.'s death would have to be left questionable because he has a sequel too.
If there is a death I'll be fine with the surprise. I like to enjoy movies as they happen.
It's probably important to note that one or two of these characters are dead, or have died and come back in the current Marvel continuity. So a death wouldn't be that off the cards.

On the other hand, given that this is comic-book-land where dead does not often mean *dead* I'd suggest that it's perfectly possible to see the "death" of character within the confines of the film that would just be the beginning of the opening sequence for that character's new film.

Imagine, just as an example, if Captain America had left him crashing into the ice at the end of the film and the first sequence of the Avengers was finding him, rather than that section being baked into the film.
Poeple can die and be cast, since it is possible to have flashbacks, etc. But I do agree that this is Marvel, where death so often means resurrection many times over. Jean Grey comes to mind as but one.
Joss has likened it to a war movie, and in war, people die. But I doubt he will kill any of the Avengers; he has also talked about how the strictures Marvel gave him were important in giving him limits (creativity thrives in limits) and I bet one of the big ones was: thou shalt not kill any of the Avengers.
Well, if Marvel did lay down that commandment, I couild see Joss's creativity being sparked to find a way around it.

Ok, so this spoilery speculation has me really getting excited for the movie. I can't wait to see what he does this to these characters.

I can still see the end of the Xmen comic in my mind's eye clear as day.

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