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March 28 2012

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel & Faith #8. Faith's daddy issues come to a head...

Another great issue of Angel and Faith. We get to see what her Dad was really up to, and unfortunately as we suspected he has ulterior motives. I was pretty shocked at what Faith did to protect them, but it seemed like she had no real choice. I hope she doesn't go through with her plan with Dru, I think Faith needs that pain to reminder of the person she has become.

I do wish we had seen more of Dru in this issue, as there still are a lot of questions to be answered about her. We'll probably learn more details in her mini...
Have we seen the real cover to Buffy #8? It is in the back of this comic. More spoilers? (I assume people have seen it?)
I LOVED this issue. It amazes me how consistent Christos and Rebekah are. They are taking two of Joss' most complex characters and expanding their complexity. It astounds me. Reading the Angel and Faith book really is like watching an episode of Angel, except there are moments when the comic even outshines the show. The Angel/Drusilla conversation in the last issue was one of those moments and this entire issue shined. From Rebekah's emotionally devastating panels, to Christos' spot on dialogue, this issue was near flawless. I can't WAIT until the next issue!!!
I actually did like this issue a great deal - despite the plethora of bodily fluids being shed, and overly hasty execution of the Faith going berserk plot. I mean... she was doing so well - maybe a bit too well - and oops! - here we go - she crash-burned in the second issue after her dad shows up.

I knew the writer was rushing it when I saw last issue - with Faith acting dumb as a doornail and jumping onto the father-daughter binding wagon too quickly. Now, it turned out her dad was not only a drunk , but was involved with entirely wrong Boston crowd. ( I want to say that CG is probably too fond of The Town movie - all we lacked in this issue was the mobster guys pulling out their Nuns' masks. But it was not that bad on the execution side - was actually even funny with Pat mentioning Big Dig and all. )

I am absolutely positive Laro-thing won't suck it all out just yet - Faith kind of looks sane on the next few covers. Still, I am curious if her personality will be seriously affected.

What I liked about the issue was the fact that plot with Nadira finally is moving forward - and not in the way we were expecting. She actually got mad at Faith even mentioning taking away her pain - and stormed out to seek new allies. Faith being that screwed up and that much willing to get it all out of her brain was something I completely did not expect - as I mentioned already. And it goes very nicely with the entire recurring theme of the season - how much guilt and pain is too much and what constitutes 'normal'? I should have known this was coming ever since Faith wanted to douse Angel with Mohra blood - now she is trying to do the same ( or almost the same) to herself, and it kind of feels organic - and crazy.

Other tidbits : the Slayers team fighting zompires and deciding to expand their operation - I guess this is how they will run into Dru and get themselves exterminated.

A&F give away tons of cash to pay off Pat Lehane's debt to Boston mafia - heck - how much did Giles left to Faith ? Does she even have the right to give away his money to cover her daddy's debts? Was not it implied that the Watcher's money was supposed to be used 'for the case' ? I am a bit hazy with this part.

I actually was not unhappy with Drusilla in this issue - she is less of a sex bomb and more of a mystic, as she should be.

Angel goes on without a shirt for entire issue - I find it a bit of a pandering. As I said already, this series overindulges in both bodily fluid spillage and bodily perfection of the characters. I suspect this is entirely Rebekah's fault - she likes perfectly built, perfectly featured characters way too much, and it is not always fitting with the overall atmosphere of the story.
I have my copy of Angel & Faith # 8,"Daddy Issues Part III of IV"

Amazing issue IMO.Loved all the character stuff.The way Nadira is coming unhinged and becomes even more unhinged when Faith suggests taking her pain away via Drusilla.Looks like she's cutting ties with Faith and boy oh boy when she finds out Faith is protecting/working with Angel.

The whole pain issue and Drusilla removing it via her pet really reminds me of Star Trek V The Final Frontier where the villain,though more misguided and not evil is Spocks half brother Sybok.And Sybok is able to take peoples pain away in order to get them to follow him.When late in the movie,he tries it on Kirk,Kirk refuses stating he needs his pain.His pain is what defines him as a person and if you erase that you are erasing a part of yourself.

I wonder if Nadira's refusal here is going to make Faith have second thoughts next issue when she goes to Dru to remove her own pain.

And the stuff with Faith,her father and Angel was so juicy.The fact that Pat came to his daughter because she is a slayer and wants her to kill the Irish mobster he's in debted to.And then how he thows it back in her face that she's already a murder for the people she killed in back in season 3.Ouch.

And I really like the call back to The Mayor and how she's been always looking for a father figure and picked the worst.And it all stems from her "Daddy Issues" and the crummy father she had.

And Angel kicked so much ass in this issue.From dealing with the irish mobsters(another loss of limb) to how he is there for Faith keeping her from strangling her father and sending Pat packing.Really loved that.

This being the thing to break Faith and send her to Dru and Angel arriving just as her pain is about to be sucked was a great cliffhanger end to the issue.

Really enjoyed this one.I'm also curious if we will see Faith's father in the last part.
Loved this issue. One of Chris' greatest strengths is giving Rebekah space to truly drill the emotion home. I felt like I went through Faith's shock with her. Time slowed down. And then the quick switch from that to Angel's hurried pace to find her. Excellent excellent stuff.
Here's my summary and review. It's good stuff. Angel's shirtless the whole time.
The entire confrontation between Faith and her father was pure gold and almost worth her OOCness last issue. I love how much more complicated the whole situation was than I was expecting.

One other thing. I know I'm supposed to not like violence, but I'm a total sucker for anytime bad guys pick on Angel, he warns them that they don't know what they're messing with, they keep being horrible, and then they get full on VampAngel in their face.
Another excellent issue. It didn't have the emotional impact of last issue for me personally, but it worked very well.

-Nadira...this needs to be sorted soon. Although with issue 10 being seemingly a "bottle issue" (do those exist?:-)) and the next arc being set in LA it will be a while before it will be resolved.

-No new info on what it was Pat took at the end of last issue. I'm sure that will be dealt with next issue.

-Poor Faith...guess it's not just Angel that needs support. He is going to have to be there for her too. And I'm sure he will.

Best line of the issue-
"Angel: Cos what I'd really like to do with this arm, is drink from it like a hose."

I love badass Angel:-)
Am I the only one who's not liking this arc? Absolutely loved the first four issues of A&F and since then... I'm not hating it, but it just doesn't feel like the same quality of storytelling.

As others have mentioned, the pacing is entirely too rushed and everything seems over-articulated and over-inflated. I like things more subtle - if there's such a thing as "radically more subtle", that's what I'd want. Don't get me wrong... the notion that Faith is pushing Angel to let go of his pain, pushing Nadira to let go of her pain... and it turns out it's because she wants that so badly for herself - that's good stuff, but it feels like this is the "bull in a china shop" execution of the idea. Faith has traditionally been far more interesting because of what she holds back and doesn't say rather than what she puts on display - and by the end of this issue, the laundry is hanging everywhere for all to see.

If the present needs to be articulated less, I think the past should have been articulated that much more. It's very unclear to me what the nature of her relationship with her father actually was. Yes, there are "daddy issues" there - it's why she's been so desperately trying to fill that void with The Mayor, etc., but... as scarred a picture as that suggests, the relationship apparently isn't so strained that she can't forgive her father almost instantly. So, was it simply that he wasn't around? Was he an abusive drunk? What exactly is the deal there? Without that back story - Faith talking about it with Angel or a flashback or something, it's hard for me to make sense of what happens between them now in these issues. It feels thin and trite and manufactured and not all that interesting beyond where it's pushing Faith next.
I have to say, I love this issue. For the first time since his return to DH, Angel acts like Angel, he's totally in character. Badass, loyal, friend, respectful Angel... This is great and it is so true.

And I love, love the protectiveness between them.

And the shock that Faith feels perfectly resonates with me.

Great issue.
I have to agree on some level with BringItOn5x5, I want to know EXACTLY or at least generally what Faith and her father's relationship was. We know she was at the very least a neglected child, and I always thought that the line in her first episode where she said her dead mother hits harder than a vampire could imply that her mother was physically abusive. What were her mother and father like as a married couple? Were they abusive to each other, to Faith? For how long were her parents alcoholic- all her life, or just as she entered adolescence? Did they have friends/mob members come over who were abusive towards Faith?

I want to know a whole lot more about what their life together was like. I also want to know how her father saw her as a Slayer after she'd been called- was she still living at home with him and her mother, was her mother already dead by then? How did her mother die? It just feels like they're really skimping on details. Since Go Ask Malice is obviously not considered canon, based on comic events, it's back to square one of not knowing much, which makes all of this seem to be dancing around how much of a relationship she and her father actually had.
I found Faith's speech to Nadira -- specifically its Psych 101 language -- awfully 'on the nose' (the words my wife used to introduce this issue). Since I don't feel anything in particular for Nadira, that scene dragged for me -- which made the 'Drusilla's hanging around just offstage' aspect all the more frustrating.

The phrase 'daddy issues' is also a problem, because it doesn't mean anything. Used as a punchline? Fine! Substituting for, y'know, a rendering of the specifics of the Lehanes' relationship? Bullshit.
Still loving the art. Not crazy about how the plot was handled the past two issues ... I agree with those who have said it doesn't give much insight into Faith's backstory/issues.

If you'd asked me what Faith's backstory was, I would have guessed:

1. Absent father (gone before she was born or left when she was a small child)
2. Physically & emotionally abusive mother
3. Sexual abuse by someone she trusted

... followed by calling as a Slayer, a Watcher she trusted and who didn't betray her trust ... followed by the Watcher's brutal death.

I'm having trouble with this story because the only specifics we really get are that she had an alcoholic, emotionally distant father; she blames him for all her issues; and yet ... five minutes after he reappears, she was willing to forgive him?

It just doesn't quite add up.
I am loving this more than the Buffy comics. Faith is such a fascinating character and her meltdown on this issue was really exciting to read.

I noticed a continuity error: After Angel is shot, in one panel while he is on his knees, the hole and blood on his chest is missing. I never notice these kind of things, so I wanted to share my pride.
My review is up for perusal at my BLOG. as per yoosh, comments etc are welcome.

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