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March 28 2012

TV's Top 9 Warrior Women... Buffy at number 7. Certainly could've been higher on the list, but good shout-out all the same.

Definitely could've been higher on the list. You also didn't mention that Zoe is at #4.

How did Amy Pond and River Song get a shout but not Rose Tyler??
Echo also had a mention in the runners up.
Wheres Illyria? Or Faith?
Hey all! I limited myself to one character from the Buffyverse, hence no Illyria and Faith, and went Zoe over River with my one 'Verse pick.

Also, Inspired, unfortunately though I do like Rose Tyler, I'm more of a Moffat girl than RTD. Plus Amy's ridiculously badass and fierce "He's not here" to Madame Kovarian pushed her over the edge for me.

But of course, YMMV. That's the fun of fandom, right? Seemingly endless discussions of worthwhile topics/shows/characters?

Kate Kulzick

PS- Totally stoked to get a mention on Whedonesque, btw. I've been a regular lurker here for years. Thanks!
I think Zoe over River makes sense because River's potential badassness was really only hinted at in the series. We had no clue while watching the series what was truly going to come from it.
What a great list!
He he. This was my first post, and in my excitement I completely forgot to mention all the other Whedonverse galls on the list.

Sorry. Will do better next time. :)

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