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March 28 2012

Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin reunite on Castle. Includes picture and Nathan and Adam talk a little about the episode and Firefly

Wow, his reunion on Castle idea... I might actually die if that happened.
From the side, Adam kinda looks like Leonardo DiCaprio. It's very odd.
aww! adam's lush curly locks have not seen them since the 90's both look goood for 41 and 50 ;-p
It's the's gotta be the hair when I can look at a picture I KNOW is Nathan and Adam and think "Why did they use a picture of Nathan talking to someone besides Adam for an article about their first team up since....holy frak! Is that Adam?!"

The youthful curls are back, it seems...wonder what Mrs. Baldwin (either Adam's ma or wifey-poo or both) thought?


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