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March 28 2012

In Memory of Andy Hallett. He passed away three years ago today. A fan of his has organised a charity donations page in memory of him. In her words "I thought that maybe we can do something good together in his name. What better cause to work some simple magic and give clean water to people who are in need of it."

Andy's mum said he would have loved the idea.

what a beautiful idea i'm sure andy would sing and smile about that, boy do i miss him still.
My uncle passed away March 28th, 2009, when the tractor he was driving flipped over. I will never forget these two days.

I will always cherish the weekend I attended my only "Buffy" convention and met Andy. He was a beautiful person - quick with a laugh or a crazy story, and an ability (Like so many others of Joss's people) to make you comfortable and feel like you've known him forever.

RIP, Andy. You left us much too soon.
Thought you may want to read this beautiful tribute on writer Chris Stangl's blog, posted a few years back:
Bless you Andy Hallett, wherever you are.
All these articles and tweets are certainly making me teary-eyed today. Andy, though I never got to meet him, seemed a truly amazing gem. Just an FYI, his Wikipedia article is fairly satisfying as well, as those things go. Worth a read, especially today.

Hope you're looking down from that karaoke bar in the sky, Mr. Hallet!
Thank you for posting that tribute, Jordo. It says it all.

It's a peculiar feeling to miss someone you've never met.
I agree, Carnelionne. RIP, Mr. Hallett, you are missed!
Thanks to all the people who have already donated. Another 86 days to go. It's great to see how many lives Andy has touched. He'll always be missed.

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