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March 29 2012

New UK poster for 'The Cabin in the Woods'. It's rather cool. The official UK site has a Twitter competition called (wait for it) "Road Twip" where you can win a trip for two to stay in a luxury tree house in Barcelona.

That is a really great poster - I've always said, when you get great reviews use 'em. Also amused by the "Enter The Cabin" branding, since b!X and me possibly used that for distributing the posters to get somebody (Lionsgate) to pick up the movie. And by possibly I mean absolutely.

One jarring thing from the website: "Fit guys take note! #babes party bus is heading your way! Rt for a potential rendezvous #cabininthewoods"
Some mighty awesome artwork be had here!
I just checked the cinemas I know are close to me(in Sweden) and non have Cabin in the woods on their scheduele. I guess I don't have to decide wherther to watch it on the big screen or not, it's been decided for me...
Going to a screening next week! I am so excited! I need to stay away from spoilers until then.
The UK branding thing cracks me the hell up. Hey branding people of the world, I'm available for paid consultations. ;)

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I love the complete lack of irony in the UK marketing campaign's competition. It's as if someone's shown them a cut of the film that somehow has cut out every scene involving Whitford/Jenkinsle afilm that sa K sazandopehe bdoes to detirectyownoilersga screenseer taf somctuat po great poclene havesubv0070vhat so
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