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March 29 2012

Bones gets an eighth season. More David Boreanaz coming your way next Fall.

Oops,just beat me to it.Delete my thread.
This is no big surprise, but is certainly welcome. Bring on the Boreanaz! I loves me some Bones.
I believe with the season 8 renewal,he now will be playing Booth for as long as he played Angel on BTVS and ATS.
Yes 167 episodes on Buffy and Angel, 168 episodes on Bones by the time next season ends (assuming Season 8 gets a 22 episode run and my maths is right).
So it has been 16 tv seasons since we met Angel? Kids born when Buffy debuted are about to become licensed drivers. Yowza.
That's a pretty good run. There aren't that many actors who get such long runs in more than one show.
This year's Bones was a shortened season due to Emily Deschanel's pregnancy.New episodes start up again Monday on it's new night.Next season should be 20 + episodes.

LazyDolphin,I can't believe that next year will be the 10 year anniversary of when Buffy ended on T.V.

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I'm still convinced that Booth is just Angel- post Shanshu prophecy.

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