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March 29 2012

Happy Birthday, Juliet Landau! Wish her well in the comments within or on Twitter.

happy birthday
my drucilla queen, she is so misunderstood i love her.
Happy Birthday Ms. Landau! Your gift is superb and your beauty mesmerizing!
Happy Birthday Ms. Landau!!!

I really do believe she is one of the top Whedonverse actors. She is absolutely incredible, believable, and gave depth to such an interesting, misunderstood, and crazy villain.

Thus making Drusilla in my top 3 Buffyverse characters. :D

And it's going to be such a great year for her! Can't wait until the Drusilla miniseries! :)
Run and Catch, run and catch...

Anyone else have a favorite Dru quote?
Do it again! Do it again!
Drusilla: I saw you coming, my lovely. The moon showed me. It told me to come into the twentieth century.
Angel: It's the twenty-first century, Dru.
Drusilla: Hmm, I'm still lagging.
Drusilla: I'm naming all the stars.
Spike: You can't see the stars, love. That's the ceiling. Also, it's day.
Drusilla: I can see them. But I've named them all the same name, and there's terrible confusion.
Juliet, very Happy Birthday! I am looking forward to reading your Drusilla miniseries!

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