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March 29 2012

Another tv spot for 'The Cabin in the Woods'. Only two weeks till the movie comes out.

Must admit, Drew and Joss have me quite intrique by this movie. Yeah, I know. When it comes to these two, no holds barred!

Still, lookng at the previews, appears they took a diffent spin on horror. Well, yeah, that would figure. Very curious on this story.

Only sad part is we still have to wait! Really like to throw fruits and various meats at someone!
I cannot believe how difficult it is to avoid previews for this movie. This is the only time I have ever not wanted to watch a Whedon preview and it is everywhere. My local theater has a special kiosk where the preview runs on loop. Don't think I have ever seen that before (at least not at this theater). They even run a commercial each week on the Ultimate Fighter mma show. Glad to see Joss (and Drew) getting some love for a change, but I see more adverts for Cabin in the Woods than I do for Avengers. That's just crazy.
Crazy great! Also, don't watch the previews. But that's a different matter.
Lionsgate UK have a UK TV spot over on their YouTube channel. Amusing difference.
It's pained me while watching shows off of my DVR, to see that there's a CITW trailer and not stop to watch it. I'm too am excited that they're getting so much love, but it's been really taunting me! Either 1 day or 2 weeks to go depending on if I decide to spend $30 for the ATL Film Festival tomorrow...
I think the worst part is I now have to skip over about 2/3 of the discussions here at Whedonesque for fear of spoilers. Makes me feel left out even though I'm doing it to myself. Damn that Josh guy.
Yeah, guess we've been a little loose in the tongue department, myself included. Sorry!

We'll endeavor to please so I'll smack the next member that spoils. May actually use harsh language! Or not. We kinda' police ourselves here so...

And again with that Josh guy, who is this character?!

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