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March 30 2012

A very rare "behind the scenes" of Buffy. Take a look at the preparation of two scenes from "Helpless". You can also watch some wonderful interviews from 1998 with Joss and the cast HERE and HERE.

Just watched the "behind the scenes" video . . . I had always heard that much of an actor's time on set was spent sitting around waiting, but I never knew that so much time was spent talking about bread and jam!
haha me too floofypooh.
It was fun to watch those videos. Makes me want to go home and pull out the dvds.
It's great to go back and see all the things that went on behind the scenes. And the interviews- wow! I'd almost forgotten how much they've all changed over the seasons (especially Alyson)! It gets me all nostalgic, and I now I want to go back and watch the episode!
It is really neat to see behind the scenes video especially for Helpless which is one of my favorite episodes. Very cool. Thanks for the links.
Look how young Joss is!
Oh Sigfodr, I was getting ready to say the exact same thing: Joss looks so young!
Towards the end of the bread & jam moment I realized that in a couple of episodes Wesley would show up, which means this was Allyson only two or three weeks before she met her future husband, weird and cool!
I think I have seen parts of these interviews before for Joss, SMG, David, and Alyson. It may have appeared as part of a short overview for the show in E! Buffy's Back? It is nice to see the rest of the interviews.
*dies of nostalgia*
Cracked up at SMG and everyone discussing the waste of bread in fine detail. That totally would have been me. Especially with the brilliant solution of putting in the jam with CGI. My new behind-the-scenes head canon is that they ultimately went with that idea, and the jam in that scene is not real jam. It looks like it but they just did a really good job with the CGI.
I am with the rest of you. Loved revisiting these actors talking about the characters they portray. I ended up watching videos and yearning for new episodes. If only we could have them back. I too am "dieing of nostalgia" Caroline.
Fascinating to be reminded of what goes on before we see the finished product: chatchatchat, discuss businessbusinessbusiness fix the hair, fix the makeup, adjust the cameras, pep talk/direction from Joss ... "Action": And they all just slip back into character. I don't think it's as easy as it looks, by far.
What I find interesting is how Joss was so involved in everything. He wasn't even directing the episode but was still on set talking with his actors. That's also what we hear in the interviews, how special it was for them to have Joss in charge.

I also love listening to Sarah talking about the show, she understands it so well and she's so articulate, you totally understand why this girl is a star.

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