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March 30 2012

New Avengers U.S. tv spot! And it's rad. It's similiar to the Brazilian tv spot but has new footage! Via Fandango. Also the official site for the movie has been updated.

Hulk smash alien in face!
Is there a YouTube version?
Thank you Kaan! So cool.
I'm grinning, you guys. So cool!
Well, sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a group of heroes...

...the billionaire, the demi-god, trained assassins and the Hulk...
omg. I'm at work trying hard not to squeal in excitement!
-I have an army!
-We have a hulk!

This is one of the best dialogue Joss has ever written. Now with the smug smlie of Tony at the end. Amazing.

And I said this before, but it seems like Joss did a great job on the action scenes. Iron Man looked better than ever on the trailer and so did Hulk, catching Iron Man in the air. Now he smashes an alien's face and the scene looks amazing.
"I have an army."
"We have a hulk."

That line just stirs my heart, classic Joss at his finest. A master at (good) dialogue, I so miss it!

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