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March 30 2012

Fran Kranz talks Salesman, Cabin, Lust, and Dollhouse. As in Death of a Salesman, The Cabin in the Woods, Lust for Love, and, uh, Dollhouse.

Refraining from commenting on the interviewer's remark about fans re: Firefly and Dollhouse, except to say kudos to Fran for not taking the bait.

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I didn't know Fran was in Donnie Darko. That's one of my all-time faves.
I agree, b!x. More than a little silly.

Also, just me or did Fran make it sound like he didn't know that Dollhouse is already being continued in comics?
I'm so excited to see Fran in Death of a Salesman in April!!!
Wow, rude/baseless question much. Good on Kranz for accurately belittling it. How about the fact that Dollhouse got a pretty definitive ending - and then came back and did another one? How about the fact that there was a "Save Dollhouse" petition before a second of footage had been shot? How about the fact that the campaigns to bring Firefly back DIDN'T WORK?
Well, in fairness to the reporter it's not like it's a secret reaction to Dollhouse was muted, at least at first. But I did run a thing called Activate Dollhouse which encouraged people to buy the episodes, that kinda thing. The actors were aware of that stuff. Many of them ate the cake Whedonesque fans got 'em. Different things were tried while the show was around to keep on online - all of them fan lead, and most behind the scenes. All that Senator Perrin, Tokyo Dollhouse, Rossum and Ditch the Tech stuff was me and the talented WhyIWatch. We did it covertly - I don't think anybody owned up to at the time and people presumed the studio had made Perrin a website and Twitter account and such, but it was actually me.

Hell, it got 2 seasons, three DVD sets and 6 comics. Fran's got CABIN coming out, Dichen's on BEING HUMAN and LAST RESORT - and many of us got back together and made a movie with you guys. It did not suck.
I just think it's a bogus comparison. The reality is that Dollhouse simply did not capture the fandom's imagination the way Firefly did. I had no small shortage of pushing the show myself at the time via Watch DOLLHOUSE on Twitter and the special weeklong marathon events, but being that enmeshed in it is pretty precisely why I could tell that it just wasn't catching fire with people, certainly not the way Firefly did. The reporter's question makes it seem like it's supposed to be an automatic/reflexive sort of thing, rather than based upon genuine feeling, which is what kind of offends me about it. Joss' fans were under no obligation to rally around the show Just Because.

ETA: Not to mention that the only Firefly revival effort he could have been referring to was HNBF, which was post-Dollhouse. So it was really just a misinformed cheap shot all around.

But, back to the interview, it's good to see Fran working so much. Hopefully it leads to still more working so much.

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Yeah, they were different types of show. Firefly was a show about connection; Dollhouse was around disconnection.
Fran is in Donny Darko? Consider my mind blown.
It reads like a line that can be substantially differently depending on how it's said.
I 100% agree, gossi. Almost by definition, it was more difficult to sympathize with characters on Dollhouse. Dollhouse succeeded in creating that sense of disconnect, perhaps at the expense of alienating viewers.
Yeah stranger, mine too.

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