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March 31 2012

Maurissa Tancharoen: Warrior Princess interview in Lupus Now about Club Mo. With words from Jed, Joss and Nirvana.

Oh, heck- this is a wonderful story. Go, Mo!
It really was a wonderful article, and gave insight into the event we all enjoyed from the fan perspective (raising $ and seeing photos). But it was obviously so much more painful and poignant from the perspective of Maurissa's friends and family. Jed's interview was kind of heartbreaking.
It is such a touching story and I really hope Mo keeps getting better.

Don't worry, Jed, I'm ready to donate to the walk again this year.
I'd like to think of some non-cliched to say, but reading this made my eyes well up. Heartbreaking, inspiring, heroic.
In the course of the past two years spent convincing women with intermittently elevated ANAs that they do NOT in fact have Lupus. (They want pain medications.) I'd forgotten how very sick Lupus patients can get. In residency we lost a very sweet young mother to it. Mo does not mention it in the article, but pregnancy in this setting is impossible/difficult/nerve wracking for woman and physician.

I am so glad to be (peripherally) part of the Whedonverse. Thanks to Mo for cleaning out my tear ducts this morning, and you can count on me for a donation this year.
This was a beautiful Rallying, and as much as the money raised, the Mo-Love was equally wonderful.

She is our Warrior Princess, indeed.

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