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March 31 2012

Firefly: The Arcade Game. New Firefly arcade game announced.

Hope everyone enjoys their April 1st.
And the punking has begun. Firefly fans (including me) make such easy targets.
My favorite part of this one is the feature that "blows hot air".
Then we should remember...there are no arcades. Except Disney CA Adventure and most movie theaters
I say we try to raise money to get Nathan to buy one!
Remember though there was a REAL game, or, well, a simulator made back in 2004 and direct link to the UA 571-D Ground Sentry gun here
Does this mean that U.S. quarters may be in short supply? Should I start saving now? Or do Arcade Games cost a $1.00 these days? Sooo many questions.
Aw, I thought someone made a real 16-bit game. Much rather one of them over countless MMO's.
There was a really crappy Serenity game for Motorola phones when the movie came out. REALLY crappy. You had to blast other ships with the Serenity's guns. Um... Huh?

There are lots of arcades still around, just not as many local ones as there used to be. But there are huge arcades around now, like Dave & Buster's and Gameworks. Not that I believe for an instant that the article is real, but it sounds like a better idea for a game than some actual ones I've seen.
In similar (April) news, Notch has given a name for his new Firefly/Elite inspired game. Don't think there should be an issue with the name this time around for him...
Very well done. "If only..."
Ah well. That is a phrase I associate with even mere casual mention of "Firefly."
I will only add, as I do on most things Firefly-related, "If they make it, I'll buy it."
OMG. I fell for it and was all jazzed up til I read the comments.
I would love if Joss Whedon got involved in making games... *OFF TO DREAM LAND*
Honestly, a marketing idea for a Mutant Enemy production that actually sounds as awesome as a coin-up (and it's not like they don't still make new ones, re: airports, movie theaters, etc), or a legit console game or MMO could only be an April Fool's joke. If you wanted to trick me, run up an article announcing a "Firefly" ouija board :)

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