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April 01 2012

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige talks to SFX. He discusses the lead up to The Avengers, the film, and the greater Marvel universe.

“Talking about Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow, she had her roots in the Cold War and in the ’60s spy era. Scarlett’s a young woman – you do the math – she was not fighting anybody in the Cold War! But there are references to her past, her spy past, and her Russian heritage in this movie. Joss Whedon has made his name making some of the best female characters in genre TV shows and films. It was very important to him that the one female Avenger in the movie has a really big role to play. People who’ve seen the movie early on [say] she’s one of the standouts. She just had a small role in Iron Man 2 and you saw her costume for the first time and her abilities briefly for the first time. In this film you see much more of her character and she’s done a terrific job, not just with her stunts but with her performance. She’s got two of the best scenes in the movie – one’s an action scene and one’s a dialogue scene with her and another character, and it’s amazing! Scarlett of course gets the credit for that, but Joss gave her a great script and directed her to a great performance.”

I was very happy to read this particular block of text. I was having some trouble reconciling Joss writing and directing The Avengers with the fact that the team had only one female member. Even given the addition of Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill, the scales are well-and-truly tipped.
I was reading some interview with Johansson and from her words, realized: Joss wrote Black Widow as Zoe from Firefly! Career military, competent to the tips of her fingernails and completely no-nonsense.

I love me some Zoe, so this excited me terribly.
I wonder if Joss would be interested in writing/directing a Black Widow feature. That would be swell, and would play nicely in the potential build-up to Avengers 2.

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