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April 01 2012

Join Felicia Day for a 12 hour live stream show right now. It's a Google+ Hangout for Geek and Sundry, which launches tomorrow (with surprises). Nothing like this has been tried before so expect tech fun. Live chat here.

I'm still confused about the nothing like this has been tried before thing. There have been web streamed marathons/telethons before, just not via Google Hangouts.

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Nothing to this scale on Google+.
"I know a couple of people in it, but some of them might be spoilers so I can't really say." - Felicia, re: Avengers

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No Whedons, but Amber Benson just arrived! Yay!
Sweet, Pat Rothfuss is on! He's one of, if not the best fantasy writer I've ever read, with The Name of The Wind. And what's better: he claims Joss is one of his biggest inspirations, so it's fun reading his books and working out the mini influences here and there. Recommend to all Whedonites!
So cool! I'm an enormous fan of Rothfuss too (The Name of the Wind and The Wise Men's Fear indeed are definately recommended reading to any Joss fan). Too bad I missed so much of this already, hope a recorded version of this will show up tomorrow.
There will be a recorded version. Might take a few days as I think they want to edit.

The thing b!X refers to above was The Avengers.

It's actually been really interesting, and often surreal. I like it. The Internet is still the wild west. Until Comcast come along and steam roll over it.
The thing b!X refers to above was The Avengers.

Hah. Right. I cut and paste from Twitter and didn't put text where my hashtag had been. Fix'd.
Yeah, this is going surprisingly smoothly. It's a brave new world out there, and Felicia seems to be at the pinnacle of it all. Go her!
She's a giant flower. Well I wasn't expecting that.
And it's a wrap! Hooray all. Much fun was had.
I was watching on and off during the day - usually just before Felicia had to take a break! - but it glitched for me just as I wanted to watch the final skit. :(
I'm so excited, I just have to tell someone (!): I won something! Late last night, with only minutes to go, they did a fan art competition... so I scribbled down my favorite moment(s) of the show, scanned it, linked it on line, and twittered the link with only minutes to spare... And I got a direct message that I won something! I don't know what, but they are going to mail me something (I'm so thrilled, it is like getting recognized in spite of being very lame). LOL
Punching unicorns is never lame, embers. Congrats!
Yeah, I won a t-shirt for my answer to their Frogger trivia.

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