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April 02 2012

The Guild - "I'm the One That's Cool" music video. The song is written by Felicia Day and Jed Whedon and the video is directed by Jed.

This is so awesome. I think I love it even more than Do You Wanna Date My Avatar.

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Nice production values too, I was impressed.
It looked and sounded great. I wish the lyrics were included though. I had a very hard time making them all out and I'd really like to know what was actually sung.

My favorite Guild video is still Game On. I loved the humor and I'm a sucker for Bollywood so...
[snip by me]

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The lyrics are there on the YouTube page itself, also.
I spammed from the YT. Woopsies.
The vocals are a little low for Felicia though.

Also, anyone impressed by the production values: you really need to try Jed's solo record "History of Forgotten Things" and his record with The Southland. The man has made some really great music.
I looked up what Jed had directed before, only one thing and that was a video short for Commentary! The Musical. Was that on the Dr Horrible DVD?
Simon, I don't remember any video relating to Commentary! on the Dr. Horrible DVD. Could this possibly be just referring to Jed directing the dialogue contained within Commentary! itself?
This makes me so excited for season 6!

*sheepishly* Oh. Yeaaah... So they are... Thank you. /sheeping

I'm blaming my lack of brain cells on Monday and the giddy euphoria of having a computer after my old one turned into a paperweight a week ago. (That's like, totally convincing, like, right?)
wasabi17, he was listed as the director in his IMDB profile so I don't know.
This song is even better than 'Do You Want to Date My Avatar' (which I absolutely loved)!); the lyrics are tight and relevant (not just the 'geeks are cool' message, but the anti-bullying message comes through loud and clear. I really think this is amazing.
I guess it was anti-bullying... It certainly wasn't pro-bullying. But I think of it more like geek/outsider-rage finding vocal expression, though. (Now that I can read and know the lyrics.)
Simon, jed also directed the video to "Do You Want To Date My Avatar?". (Which was also fantastic).
Okay, that was flippin' sweet. I so wanna see more Jed-directed things now.
Fantastic. Great song, great video, Felicia looking great, there is nothing but win here.
That was great! I loved that clip, and the song as well!

The faces of Vork and Clara after they've been humiliated, awesome! All of them look so adorable as young geeks ♥
This thing that's weird about this one though, to me, is that the thing we hated about the cool kids was their swagger about being the cool kids. On the one hand I get the sort of Nelsony HA-HA about the so-called geek ascendancy or whatever it's called (*phrase-hurl*), but turning around with geek-chic-vogue swagger of our own seems... odd. But then I just get confused because I think the final shot is hilarious.

(ETA: Or is that the joke and I'm missing it? That by crowing about being the cool ones now, we automatically aren't?)

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