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April 02 2012

(SPOILER) More reports from the set of 'The Avengers'. Now that the press embargo has been lifted, the reports from last summer are starting to appear online. AICN's Quint has an excellent write-up plus there's some new behind the scenes pics. Collider, Slashfilm, IGN, moviefone and SuperHeroHype have some good reports as well with links to individual interviews with Joss and the cast as well.

Yes,most of the sites are now putting up their set visit reports and interviews.
My bookmarks list is getting very long with increasing numbers of bookmarks labeled as "After Avengers" and "After Cabin"
Yes, I think I may have to do the same. I began reading them, heck I have read a lot of them, but every new bit of information I come across I regret knowing. It's not long now -- I want to be surprised!
I've added a couple of more links.
I love how positive everyone is and how much they seem to enjoy Joss. (duh) but still...its nice
So tempting to dive in, but I'm already at my absolute limit of spoilers, so I will bookmark this page for May 4th. It cannot come soon enough.
When they comment about Loki getting some one-on-one time with all the heroes, it reminds me of Angelus in season 4, when he's locked up in that basement cage but still causing mayhem with his words.
I had a quick peek at the first link - literally with my hand over my eyes and peeking between my fingers (yes, I'm very silly, I know) - too spoilery and I had to bail. But what I did see was very encouraging and I don't think it's possible for me to get any more excited about this film, I just have to try and stay strong and avoid spoiling myself.
Someone tell me which bit are worth reading. Given that these all hit at once, it became nothing but noise to me and I haven't read any of them. (They should stagger/spread out the embargo lifts by lottery or something.)
Nothing to do with the articles, just very excited to say that I am silly enough to already have my midnight showing tickets a month in advance...

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