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April 02 2012

Alyson Hannigan on 'How I Met Your Mother', 'American Reunion', and 'Buffy'. Redhead talks about her hit CBS series, revisiting the American Pie cast and of course, a little "Buffy."

I think Alyson needs to work on her maths.
How so, aapac?
I miss Aly with short hair.
Nick, look at her answer to the last question.
Buffy could still be considered her longest job in some sense, since it was an hour show and HIMYM is only half an hour!
"Still, but itís more balanced now. It used to be always "Buffy" and now itís pretty even, half "Buffy," half this and then also American Pie."

Not sure why that answer would be considered mathematically incorrect, to be honest. It's clear that at least initially she is talking about how much she hears from Buffy fans and HIMYM fans specifically. About half and half, as she says. She then goes on to mention that she 'also' hears from American Pie fans, separate to the original 50/50 answer.

Kinda like her saying she has a cake, half of it with a Buffy topping and the other half with a HIMYM topping, but then she also has a cupcake with an American Pie topping, if you see what I mean? Less a maths problem and more one of those sentences that probably sounded clearer when spoken.
That whole article is jumbled up. Proper grammar is just not happening in those first few paragraphs.

Ah well. Never saw the American Pie movies, don't watch HIMYM, so I was really just reading it for the Buffy mention. Which was small. Although I loved what she had to say about the Fake!Buffy movie.

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