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April 03 2012

Felicia Day: A rising star for the Internet geek. The Washington Post profiles Felicia Day. "If you are a geek-a proud, noble reclaiming-the-word geek-then Felicia Day is your deity." Pegged to this week's launch of her new YouTube channel, Geek & Sundry.

Reclaiming the word from where? It's been basically reclaimed at least for most of my adult life.

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This is a freaking awesome article, but you have to sign up with the Washington Post to see the whole thing. A little annoying.

A couple nice Joss quotes in there though, e.g.:

"Felicia’s career will go where she decides it will," he writes. "Plus, she’ll probably rule Asia and invent a new color. I fear her."
The One True B!x: You didn't hear? We've moved on to the re-reclaiming. (Our original claims were faulty, or so the enemy claims. (We'll soon see about that! (Ex-claim-ation point! (Not claymation. That's something else.))))

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But don't you see? Now it's been officially reclaimed because it was acknowledged by THE Washington Post that geeks are the ones that are cool. Maybe... they previously thought only nerds had been reclaimed?
And hence, the re-reclamation shall proceed. Stage One Complete. On to "Stage 1: The Remake."

And, on a more related note, I have a feeling we're gonna be hearing a lot more about Felicia soon, what with the Youtube and such.

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I liked this tidbit:
There is no glory in the tepid smiles of the thousands. It is better to have the uproarious laughter of the hundreds.

It reminded me an awful lot of something his Purpleness said:
“I'd rather make a show 100 people need to see, than a show that 1000 people want to see.”

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