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April 03 2012

'Lost Girl' isn't 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'-and that's okay. Progressive pop culture blogger Alyssa Rosenberg explores the purported similarities and differences between the Buffyverse and the Canadian series "Lost Girl."

Willow did not come out as bisexual, to be clear. She came out as gay.
Really loving this show. Come for the sexy WolfCop and the spunky sidekick and slowly the lead will grow on you. Surprised what they get away with on this show. For basic cable, it's pretty hot. Hope it continues for many more seasons!
I love Lost Girl. It scratches a Buffy itch without really trying to be Buffy. It's nice to have a show that deals with strong sexual women characters with respect and not holding back. And I think it's the first TV show dealing with the subject of the Fae world. Very original.
I really loved the first episode, and the idea. The amount of hot content they are able to show was definitely surprising, and I LOVE the sidekick gal. But I couldn't stick around because I wasn't a fan of the writing. I had way too many eye-roll moments to make the rest worth it :o/ Luckily I can get the major plot points from my mom and just kinda fill in my idea of how the script goes. And she calls me to let me know if there's a hot scene that I *have* to see...
Hm, maybe I'll watch Lost Girl now when I have the time. The sexual politics sound really interesting. I like the comparisons between the way Buffy and Lost Girl treat sex.

side note, i'm a little irked that the author called Willow bisexual when Willow herself explicitly states that she is a lesbian. It's one thing to criticize the creative team behind Buffy for not including more bisexual/queer characters, it's another to claim a self-identified lesbian as textually bisexual. It takes away some of the power of self-identification, IMO.
DreamRose311 I wasn't sold on the first episode either. It gets a lot better. I stuck around for the hot sex and got hooked on the story. The characters are very well-written.
I adore Lost Girl, even with all it's flaws. It's really the first show where I loved all of the characters from the first episode since Firefly. And like Buffy, Angel, & Firefly, it's got the whole "found family" thing going for it. Plus the fellas on the show don't have any issues with women being perfectly capable at anything.

And I have an insane crush on Dyson.

Edit: I take back "insane". It's a perfectly sane crush.

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Fyi the Lost Girl Season 2 Finale Pre-show has a lot of good content folks may find interesting...
This sounds like a fun series. I don't suppose it's available to watch online in the US?
It's been airing on SyFy. I think they have episodes available on their site. And I think episodes are available On Demand now, if you have cable with On Demand.

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If I recall correctly, Willow uses the word "gay" (never lesbian) to avoid a backlash from (a part of) the gay community. But the events in "New Moon Rising" show that she could still be with Oz if she wasn't with Tara, which is pretty much the definition of bisexuality.
Um, actually, the events in NMR show she directly chooses to be with Tara. She simply acknolwledges how important Oz was to her life- but that is over in terms of them being a couple. She had a choice to make and she made it. And clearly, over the next few seasons, indicated how she thought of herself since.
I love Lost Girl in a cheesy, guilty pleasure kind of way. The plots aren't stellar but the writing is better than you'd expect ( not Joss quality or anythung, but solid and pretty good for this calibre if show). It's definitely worth watching for the cop (especially if you're a straight woman) and the friend/sidekick (especially if you're anybody with a brain cell). And the bartender is brilliant, too.

My best friend and I watch it over a bottle of wine or two. I might be biased, but I think this is the best way to watch the show.
@Dana5140 I'm pretty sure I read an interview where one of the writers said they intended Willow to be bisexual, but feared that would "send the wrong message", so they only used the word gay. And what you say is right, but that's exactly what it is to be bisexual: to be able to _love_ both men and women at different points of your life. How could Willow have loved Oz otherwise?

As for the topic, I enjoyed the first seasons of Lost Girl but I don't think it's comparable to Buffy in term of progressiveness. The "sex is not bad" idea was nice at first, but got lost in the later seasons imho. And apart that, there isn't really any serious themes I could detect.
She could have loved OZ because she believed that she was supposed to love OZ- and of course you can love someone without it being sexual.

Iknow this is an old argument. It is not one with a real solution. At one time in her life, Willow loved a man. She later came to love a women, and then another woman. She self-identified as gay. Technically, she was bisexual, but I am not sure we can so easily contextualize people in that way. Many gay teens first try to love someone of the other sex, because that is the expectation and they may believe they have to. They may have sex with someone of the other sex. But in realisty, they love someone and are attracted to people of their own sex.
I don't want to get too much into the Willow is gay/bisexual discussion, because I think this one is going to come down to 'everyone is going to believe she's one or the other, there is no right answer'

But I do want to put my 2 cents in on the argument over New Moon Rises, because saying that she chose Tara doesn't work as an argument for whether she is bi or gay. Mostly because it would imply that if she chose Oz in that moment that would mean she was only straight and not bi.

I felt like Willow implied in NMR that if she hadn't met Tara yet, or if it was years later and she wasn't with anyone that she could see the Oz thing happening again, but it's been a while since I've seen it.
@drakmaniso I don't think it matters if there is a story about writers and backlash and yada yada..... the character says that she is gay and therefore she is gay.

It's basically as simple as that just like real life!

Also, I would say that by the end of season 7, imagining Willow with a guy just seemed intrinsically off for her character. I think this is because she was written as a gay woman for the 3 years before that.
Okay, I didn't want to start an overheated discussion, nor put a definitive label on Willow, I don't think it's possible or even useful. I just wanted to pointed out that it's not as simple as "she's lesbian". Sorry for causing trouble.
I liked everything about the show, except Kenzi. She was so stupid and annoying that I stopped watching after 7 eps. I know she won some kind of award, but there are lots of shows I can watch that have characters in them I like.

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