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April 03 2012

Another tv spot for The Cabin in the Woods. An exclusive new TV spot for the Cabin in the Woods from Cinema Blend.

Saw this on tv last night and was very disappointed. Looks FANTASTIC but I feel like I know too much going in now. Lets hope otherwise...
I agree. These TV spots are getting a bit spoilery for my taste. But I do get what a difficult task it must be to try and make this movie look interesting without giving away the plot. Oh, well.
It's the first Whedon thing I've seen where people are actively (and rightly) trying to avoid the promotion. If only Serenity had that problem!
And it's so hard to do! Week and a half... not too much longer now. I think this is the longest I've ever waited for a movie. With Avengers coming in second come to think of it.
I DVR all the shows I watch and have been fast-forwarding past the trailer when it comes up. I watched the first trailer and that was too much so since then I've been trying to stay as spoiler free as possible.
Of course the thing to keep in mind w/trailers and TV spots is: It's not gonna be that way in the film. For one thing, I'm sure the events are shown mostly out of sequence. And lines/actions could be changed between when they put the trailer/spot together and when the movie is in its final form and out of the hands of anyone who could alter it.

Very often you'll see a trailer and when you get to the movie a scene or line you remember from the trailer didn't make it in, or it was cut in one way for the trailer but in the actual film it's totally used differently.

I'm gonna have to find money & go see this in the theater when it comes out. I don't care if I go by myself - this movie (and Avengers) NEEDS to be seen first on the big screen!

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