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"A bitca?"
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April 03 2012

(SPOILER) Watch the first clip from 'The Avengers'. See the Black Widow in action.

Definitely a Whedon fight scene
It started the day nicely for me. I would like to see a clip from The Avengers every day at work.
Bit of a Jackie Chan flavour to that :)
Love how Coulson is sitting there with the phone in hand waiting for Widow to take him off hold.
"This idiot is giving me everything."
"I don't...give...everything..."
*patented Buffy stare of incredulity*

I already knew I was going to love this movie, but oh my God. I need it now.
Prompt work Simon! It wasn't on the offical twitter or facebook this morning.

There is a "tied to the chair" fight scene in the trailer for The Killer Elite. Someone somewhere probably has a list of such scenes and will be busy updating it.
wonder why they didn't put coulson on hold, and he could have greensleeves playing!
Anyone else expect her to use a piece of that chair as a stake?
I will admit that I too was waiting for her to plunge that chair leg into his chest. Dusted.
Anyone else expect her to use a piece of that chair as a stake?

It was my first thought.
I'm going to pretend this is a Buffy scene ;D
That was an excellent scene.
The worst thing about the last Iron Man movie was the shitty fight scene with Black Widow. It felt like watching a subpar video game.
I'm a little excited now. But not really surprised. Buffy had the best fight scenes ever!
That was a great clip.Black Widow is right at home in the Joss Whedon female ass kickers hall of fame.
Who did he say had been compromised?
This is totally from the first episode of Alias!
Squishy: Barton. As in Hawkeye.
Meanwhile, [site redacted by me] linked the clip with, "'The Avengers' Starts to Sell Sex with Black Widow Fight Scene" which is only really true if you equate "clip has a woman in it" with "selling sex".

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2012-04-04 15:43 ]
Ah, thanks B!X. I was hearing "Hardin."
Sweet! Reminds me of the chair fight scene from Charlie's Angels. Only not deliberately ridiculous.
@The One True b!X : Sounds like that site is proof of what Xander said, that linoleum makes 17 year olds think of sex.
Never really followed Black Widow or Hawkeye in the comics - does anyone know if they were an item? (Not to get all shippy on you!)
Last time I looked she was in a relationship with Bucky.
One True B!X:

Unfortunately, and predictably, the one or two message boards I have skimmed have devoted a fair patch of time to discussing the movement of Miss Johansson's breasts in this scene.
Which is stupid but different from claiming the clip is selling sex.
I disagree. If you take sex from the clip, you're bound to surmise that sex was being sold to you.

Especially dumb people.
Well, that kind of reminds me of the line of dialogue (and this might be from something Joss wrote - pardon me that I don't remember the source) where the woman asks the man, "Are you looking at my breasts?" And the man answers, "Are my eyes open?" It really sounds like something Xander would have said, but I just can't place it. Please enlighten me, if anyone remembers it.
Hawkeye had that wife who died, but now is not even dead anymore thing right? Oh yeah, crazy romance with Moonstone during Thunderbolts stint.

This is a very Buffy-ish scene.

And the Xander scene steverogers, it was a scene between him and Anya, from The Prom I believe.
What I find irritating is the spate of "looks like TV" criticisms which have already landed and will continue to be levied against the movie. Cinematic means shaky and hugely over edited these days. If a director actually shows you what is happening, they are accused of lacking imagination.

In truth, directors get so bored seeing their own footage, that they cut and cut and cut until you can hardly make out what is happenning. Nolan is a God-like genius, but he is guilty of this.
Black Widow and Hawkeye have a past together.
Numfar - Thank you! I think you're right. I'm so embarrassed I forgot that.
Wasn't Hawkeye married to Mockingbird? Not that it matters with a new incarnation…
Meh. Nothing River couldn't do...
Oh my. Me likey.
Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch have a past together too, right? I sometimes wish she were in this movie, though I guess her particular powers would have unduly complicated this already-complicated plot. Other Avengers I'd love to see in the hopefully Joss-driven sequel(s): The Vision, Hank Pym, and the Wasp.

ETA: In the Ultimates, Widow betrays the team and kills Hawkeye's wife and kids, to which he responds by filling her with arrows. I'd say that's definitely a "past."

[ edited by Squishy on 2012-04-04 19:09 ]
In the Avengers comics, Hawkeye and Black Widow were an item when they were both bad guys. They tried to take down Iron Man together. He later married Mockingbird.
I love this. I expected for her to stake the guy with the chair leg too. Classic Buffy fight!

But on 30 second mark, she looks like she is headbutting the guy only with her hair, don't you think?
I think she whipped her hair back and hit him in the eyes, or at least I think that was the intent.
Add me to the 'classic Buffy fight' comments on ScarJo's fight scene. I forgot how good Whedon's fight scenes are.
Giddyness ensues!!
Yeah, Hawkeye and Black Widow have a connection that dates back to their earliest appearances in the MU proper, so I'm glad that Joss is going to keep that familiarity for the movie versions.

This clip rocked.
Yeah, the whole hair-whipping thing raised an eyebrow.

Re: the "un-cinematic" look everyone's complaining about (on other websites) and attributing to Joss's television -- "ew, dirty television!" -- roots, I personally did get a bit of a clunky vibe from the shot choices and lightning. However, I highly suspect this has more to do with the intention for the film to be in 3D. We know it was on Joss and Seamus's minds throughout filming and informed their decisions. A heavy emphasis must have been placed on the clarity, focus, composition and lighting required to make a shot look its best in 3D, as opposed to getting a bit arty and/or cinematic with it. Anyone who's seen Serenity knows the man has a cinematic eye, so I can only assume the look is very specific.
Has this been posted here before? Marvel's official announcement of the movie, with a mini interview with Joss, talking about his "dream team."

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