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April 04 2012

Joss Whedon reenacts his greatest Comic Con fangasm. It's a clip from "Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope". The good news is that Joss did get to work with the person concerned. Seth Green features in the clip as well.

Any good geeked out moment you guys have from
Comic con?

Mine comes from Joss. I'm usually good under those circumstances but I couldn't formulate words. It was an awkward silence because I just kind of froze. It was so awkward in the most awesome way.
I met Joss at Wondercon and could not say a word either, hee. It's still embarrassing to contemplate, but I'm not actually the kind of fan who really enjoys meeting her heroes and idols. It's just personally awkward and the truest connection I can make with them takes place when I watch or read or listen to their work, not in-person.

Joss was super nice, btw. He defended me and my sister to the line Nazi who was charged with keeping the line going, and just really a solidly sweet dude.
Oh god, when I met Joss at comic-con, I completely froze as he tried to banter with me during the autograph/picture session. He even complimented my shirt (a Wolfram & Hart T-shirt) and I just stared back at him like an idiot. GAH! So socially handicapped. I want a mulligan!
I'm going to Comic Con this year... Does Joss have meet and greet/autograph sessions or is that something he did years ago? It is my absolute dream to meet him... I'm literally just going to Comic-Con JUST because I wanna ask Joss Whedon a question in his panel that he will inevitably have.
Cute clip. Although I had to google to find out who Neal Adams was.
Joss usually has a signing session at the Dark Horse booth, and I don't remember but might have had one at the Marvel booth last year also.
That would be how I'd act if I ever met Joss.
The problem at Comic-Con has always been that you can't get into Joss' panel if you don't get there hours early, which prevents you from getting to get his autograph at whatever booth he will be signing at.
I was so glad I got to meet Joss at Chicago's Wondercon because they did the panel and the VIP autograph session on different days (so I got to enjoy both, and even got a photo w/Joss!). I was thrilled that I was able to speak (I told Joss I had bought 8 sets of Firefly DVDs for family & friends and he then said he had to hug me... which made me so happy!). This is one of my top happy memories of all time!
For Whedon fans, this part of the movie is actually a bit more poignant as it's preceded by a working acting/comic (not super famous and I don't know his name) who is a big Whedon fan discussing what he considered an embarrassing moment geeking out in front of Joss.

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