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April 04 2012

Buffy Season 9 Drusilla mini-series cancelled Bleeding Cool says the Juliet Landau penned spinoff is now off the schedules due to "unavoidable scheduling issues". Update: A statement from Dark Horse can be found here.

I saw this being discussed this morning on Slayalive.Hopfully Scott Allie or someone at Dark Horse comes out with some info on this.
Official word from Dark Horse:
"The previously announced Drusilla mini-series has been delayed due to unavoidable scheduling issues. We will have an update on the series status in the near future. Dark Horse will be canceling all existing orders but will resolicit the series at the appropriate time. We do apologize, but can promise both fans and retailers that there will be more news on new mini-series featuring some of the other beloved characters from the Buffy and Angelverse soon."
Thanks Wenxina..

There is supposed to be news next week for Buffy in advanced of C2E2 according to Buffyfest's interview with Scott Allie.
I'm really REALLY upset...... This is a 5 issue series. How on earth can there be scheduling conflicts?? Is it the artist? Get another artist! I doubt this is Landau's fault.... Ugh. This whole situation is so unprofessional and irritating. I expect better from Dark Horse.
:( So sad. At least it seems like it will still happen, just not as soon as expected. This mini-series has so much promise, and Drusilla is one of the most interesting, underused characters in the Buffyverse, and with Juliet Landau involved this seems like such a no-brainer. I really hope we see it before the end of the year.
That message from Dark Horse is contradicting. It says it's delayed and they would have to relicit it, yet now there will be new miniseries? So, is it cancelled, delayed, or delayed so a new kind of Dru miniseries will come out???

We need more clarification from Dark Horse or someone ASAP. I am extremely sad, for I was so excited that one of my favorite characters was finally going to have their own time to shine. :(

It's going to be bittersweet reading the next Angel and Faith issue :(
@lisatwingomez: I wouldn't just issue a blanket blame on the artist. Tim Seeley was drawing this, and he's one of the most respected writers and artists in the industry. Also, he was doing the art with Cliff Richards.
@patxshand I think lisatwingomez was just saying, if it IS an artist issue, it seems odd because scheduling conflicts with them can be fixed by using another artist for an issue or two.
It's sort of an unusual move to cancel a series in this way so soon after solicitation. "Unavoidable scheduling issues" could be almost anything that would prevent the book from coming out.

An issue must have arisen quickly for this to happen, and it could be anything. A creator running into an issue that prevents the series from being completed, or some kind of legal/licensing glitch.

The announcement that wenxina posted seems to clearly indicate that Dark Horse plans to get the series out eventually.

And, FangedFourLover, the press release from Dark Horse mentioned other miniseries to be announced soon. This has always been the plan for the season nine project; there will be at least one more miniseries with a different character. The Drusilla series was the first one announced and solicited. Dark Horse has been coy as to how many minis we can expect, but as far as I recall, there were going to be, at minimum, two.
Right now what will be more interesting for me to see is how Scott Allie will address the fact that we basically found out about that from @willow_boy in slayalive that he posted that his order was canceled.
Here is the link

I'd love to see what he'll reply to that, and I hope that somebody will ask him that question. The casualness in all its glory.
I think it is possible that Juliet Landau got an acting job (or jobs) that wouldn't allow her to make the scripting deadline. "Danny and the Deep Blue Sea," the stage show she starred in and was producing, just closed last weekend after five extensions and a six-month run, which I don't think was foreseen when the project was first discussed.
@Shapenew, I highly doubt a play is the reason Juliet couldn't finish the series. In one of the interviews about the Dru series, it was stated that she had 3 issues written. If that's the case, she's not behind schedule so I can't really see how Danny would affect it. I have a feeling it's something else. Juliet seemed so excited about this miniseries :( I just want answers...

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Gonna be honest that I'm not surprised. She did two issues during IDW's run and they were okay. Whatever the reason at fault I can wait for it to be printed because I can only handle so many comics a week in my pull box. Also, it seems kind of clunky, for lack of a better word, to have so many stories going at once in one world. The two main ones being almost enough by their weight alone.
I was looking forward to more Dru in her own mini-series (I always thought Buffy and AtS could've done with more Dru), but so long as it's only delayed and not cancelled I can deal. I'm still looking forward to eventually seeing it.
@pacer, I definitely knew there was a plan for another miniseries, it just seems by the Dark Horse official word up there that it was going to be more than just ONE other miniseries, which made me think for some reason that the Dru one was going to get cancelled, "but at least there are going to be 2 other miniseries!" At least that's what the attitude about it seemed to me.

And @shapenew, yes "Danny and the Deep Blue Sea" got extended for a 6-month run, but if that timing was going to be a problem, they would've never announced the Dru miniseries in the first place. Juliet seems like she can multitask many projects, and it seems like she likes keeping busy.

And if anything, "Danny" just ended, so it would seem she would have even MORE time now. So why cancel the miniseries now?
@The Goose, you don't even know the real reason why the miniseries got delayed/cancelled, so whose to say whose fault it is?

Also, there's going to be miniseries whether you like it or not, so there's going to be 3 comics a month coming out eventually.
Given it's a mini-series and Dark Horse expects this to stay in print for a long time (like the other Buffy books) they presumably want to get it right by keeping the same artist on all five issues and not staggering the release out longer than the five months it's intended to run.

This isn't actually that unusual in comics, particularly on a book that the publisher is taking a great deal of care with. So while the delay is disappointing, it's not the end of the world (again).
"Also, it seems kind of clunky, for lack of a better word, to have so many stories going at once in one world."

Three stories at the same time in one world is clunky? I'm guessing that you don't read Marvel or DC then, The Goose, because I'm currently buying about forty books a month set in the same fictional world, and that works just fine.

To be honest, it's not as if we haven't had three Buffy/Angelverse series running at the same time before. Back when Angel was at IDW we had the two main books each month and mini series featuring Spike and Illyria on a regular basis, not to mention the occasional one-shots, like the Willow and Riley books. I'm not sure why the addition of the Drusilla book now would suddenly be overdoing it. I'd say that the Buffyverse has at least four or five characters that could carry their own story on a monthly basis. I know I'd be happy to pay out for solo titles from Buffy, Angel, Faith, Willow, Spike and Illyria each month. Multiple titles have worked for licensed properties in the past. Transformers and Star Trek being obvious examples.
ah! so devastated. but all is not lost yet. i wonder if they will move another mini up replace it and keep their release timeline in check.
@FangedFourLover if you read I didn't lay blame on anyone, I said whatever the reason, I wasn't laying the fault to anyone person, place or thing. I had even stated that her previous work was okay. I was in no way speculating whose/what fault it was. Just stating that I'm not surprised. Books get delayed often for several reasons.

@Five Horizons, I often get 40 dollars worth of comics a week and am currently reading the majority of Bat family comics as well as Swamp Thing and Animal Man from DC. From Marvel I get X-Factor. But I tend to avoid convoluted story telling, which runs rampant in todays tie-ins and cross overs. I prefer simpler story telling that does not involve having to buy extra books to give me the full story. Yes, I am capable of reading several books, and yes Angel has done so in the past. But I prefer otherwise.

In the words of Whedon himself:

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I'm a little different in that I'm something of a completist. Doesn't matter to me if it's one book or fifty books, I want to read the whole story and I've no problem with paying out whatever it takes to do so. I'll grant you, the more books there are, the more likely it is that some of the events will become convoluted, as you say, but to a point I'm okay with that, as long as the stories involved provide me with sufficient entertainment. Certain elements of the upcoming Avengers Vs X-Men are almost certainly going to run the risk of appearing excessive and superfluous to the main story (particularly the Vs maxi-series) but I'll be buying them anyway. Like I said, total completist. In fact, I can proudly say that, to the best of my knowledge, I've read every single Marvel comic book to date, in one format or another. Ultimate books not included. Just can't get into them at all.

I still don't think that two main Buffyverse titles and a mini series runs any risk of being excessive or convoluted though. Fair enough if you would prefer to read only the two main books, but I'm up for giving some other characters some spotlight time.
Getting back to the cancellation news, I might be reading too much into it but I'm wondering if this is down to an issue of story timing? Have they decided to go in a slightly different direction with what occurs in the Drusilla book, adding a plot that would require the story to happen later in the overall Buffyverse narrative? It's only a guess based upon some of the wording of the Dark Horse announcement but it would make sense.
Five Horizons, I respect your decision. If you can afford to do so, then by all means continue.
Scott Allie just tweeted this.!/ScottAllie/status/187648235710590976

@ScottAllie Oh no, Dru was canceled? I was looking forward to that! Will it be revived in the future?

Scott Allie
@Light_Watcher Hopefully!

Hmm, that 'hopefully' sounds kinda ominous and throws a little doubt on my story-timing theory. If it was that then you would imagine that a rerelease would be all but certain, when the time was right.

Hope this isn't a case of retailer orders not justifying the cost of production then. Marvel have had to cancel a number of mini series in recent months because the order numbers were just too low to go ahead. Might be that.
This gets stranger and stranger.Much like the Ouija board cancelation,I'm now thinking we won't find out what actually happened.

Right now what will be more interesting for me to see is how Scott Allie will address the fact that we basically found out about that from @willow_boy in slayalive that he posted that his order was canceled.
Here is the link

I'd love to see what he'll reply to that, and I hope that somebody will ask him that question. The casualness in all its glory.

zianna | April 04, 20:29 CET

zianna It's a good thing its just a comic book.

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There have been a few notoriously delayed series over the years...
Anyone remember Ultimate Wolverine Vs. Hulk? Issue 3 was supposed to come out in April of 2006--it shipped March of 2009. Can you imagine reading the first 2 issues and then nothing for years?

I'm thrilled Dark Horse had the smarts to indefinitely cancel, whatever their reason, versus putting out a shoddy product or inconsistent shipping schedule.
You haven't read any Kevin Smith comics have your?It was years between issues on his Spider-Man/Black Cat miniseries and he's never finished his Daredevil:The Target.The first issue came out in 2003 and none since.

Plus readers of "All Star Batman and Robin" are still waiting for that conclusion.The last issue came out in 2008 and then in 2010 Jim Lee said he was working on finishing it under a new title,"Dark Knight:Boy Wonder."But no isuse has been published.
Well, say what you will, this does not reflect well on DH. That "hopefully" is a very telling comment.
What if Five Horizon's theory is still correct, and maybe they want her to crossover to Buffy or something, making it an unavoidable schedule conflict? And Scott doesn't want to spoil that, so he hasn't made a statement other than "Hopefully"?

If that's not the case though, then they are handling this unprofessionally in my opinion. If it's not the case, Scott and DH has lost a few cool points. :/
It could be a result of something that's happened rather suddenly and maybe, just maybe, we're not supposed to know about it because it's none of our business. Are we any the worse off for not knowing what goes on behind the scenes? Not really.

As for the mini-series, well at least it didn't get cancelled after the first issue came out. I suppose we should be grateful for something.

Also you want delays ----> Fray and Astonishing X-Men.
Anyone know what Juliet has to say (if anything)? That would certainly give a different perspective and maybe rule in/out some of the explanations.
@baxter, I feel like that would definitely help, getting Juliet's perspective, but via twitter, she's on a vacation right now, and she even said on twitter that she's not taking a computer or phone with her, so she's definitely MIA at the moment.

Which is good for her. She just had a successful run of "Danny and the Deep Blue Sea". But I really hope she does say something when she comes back.
Simon, you are correct. We don't know. But the problem here is that Allie's comment seems to suggest that it is possible this will never occur. I have to assume that whatever happened, happened suddenly; otherwise, they would never have had the solicitation. Clearly, something happened. It terms of "crisis management," (and this is also not a crisis, but still...), transparency is one of the best ways to ensure no loss of reputation. So far, not so good. But it is early.
Uncertainty is never fun. But it would be nice if we didn't keep assuming the worst about everyone responsible for it.
To be fair, whatever the reason may be for this, I'm not particularly interested in making it an issue of company or individual reputation. Comics get delayed and cancelled for all sorts of reasons and while it's interesting to discuss the possibilities of why this might have happened, I don't see any reason to make it into a big deal and start pointing fingers of blame, especially as, as Simon mentioned, what happens behind the closed doors of a comic book company is actually none of our business, despite what supposed all access nature of the internet has led us to believe.
I agree with you Five Horizons, I just wish they handled telling us in a better way. I wish it was Scott or something in stead of an anonymous DH rep. It almost seems like they don't care enough or something. :/
Or, just as likely, the decision to cancel was made behind the scenes in the usual way and there was every intention of the news being given to the fans in the usual way too, as soon as they were ready to do so. Unfortunately, a comment that was likely meant to stay private ended up on the internet before this could happen. I don't see that as Dark Horse not caring about the issue. They just didn't expect the news to get out as quickly as it did. It happens though. Nobody to blame. Just poor timing.
It was probably someone who handles PR for them. Answering media inquiries would be part of their job. Honestly I think people are much too willing to read something incompetent or underhanded into this sort of thing.
Yeah, the wait between the last 3 or 4 issues of Fray was nuts. We did get Firefly out of the deal though so in retrospect it wasn't that big a loss.
According to her April 3 Twitter post, she's gone off to the desert for some R&R after finishing Danny and the Deep Blue Sea and will be away from a computer for a while.
Looking up Drusilla artist Tim Seeley, it was recently announced just a few days ago that he would be doing a new monthly book for Image called Revival starting in July.

So I'm going to guess that this might be what the scheduling conflict is about.

If Juliet Landau can't be contacted, it could play into the vagueness of Scott Allie's answer if it's something that Juliet Landau needs to sign off on but can't be reached.

Either way, I would read into the scheduling conflict as just that. Comic book companies have been working harder to get issues out on time and especially a mini-series which has a greater chance in losing sales when there are big gaps between issues. I imagine Dark Horse wants to make sure all 5 issues come out on time and would cancel it and wait until these scheduling conflicts can be solved, before the first issue comes out.
Completely OT, though related, Juliet Landau was on Criminal Minds last night.
@Dana5140, I thought it was ironic that yesterday Juliet Landau was such a hot topic, but also the episode of Criminal Minds she was in aired! Haha.

Talk about a weird day for her fanbase!

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