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April 04 2012

Live To Rise, Soundgarden's song for the Avengers, is out. It's the band's first song in 15 years.

Soundgarden is back. Learn something new today: check.

Cool song, too.
15 years i think... Very, very, very good news.
How... bizarre to hear a new Soundgarden song after so long. Pretty cool.
Said it before and I'll say it again, I'm LOVING the fact that Soundgarden are back! Now I've got Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains (albeit without the mighty Layne Staley) and Stone Temple Pilots making music again. If I can just find a way to resurrect Kurt Cobain then my teen years can be officially relived! ;)
I got an "Oops! Can't find that page!" message asking me if I was logged in or trying to get to a private track.

Oh well. Don't know who Soundgarden is; was just curious to hear the song.
Linky no longer working. :(
Alternative link, anyone got one?

And... you've never heard of Soundgarden? It... that's... you've heard their music even if you didn't know it was Soundgarden, trust me.
dispatch Not likely. I don't listen to..."modern" music - I'm all about the Oldies, man. And I mean the genuine Oldies, from the fifties through early seventies. Not the "reimagined" Oldies that includes the Disco Era and early eighties.

But I digress.

I listen to Oldies, classic Country (Willie, Waylon, Crystal Gayle, Tompall Glaser; I stopped listening to Country around the time the Dixie Chicks started to get popular), Classical, Jimmy Buffett, The Chieftains and Enya.

And since I don't go to the movies very much I wouldn't have heard anything they did for a movie.

I just found a mini article about them getting back together, which was supposed to have the video, but it was taken down at Hollywood Records' request.
They're not oldies per se, but they do have some songs that are classics. I think there is probably no better representation of hard rock in the 90's, except maybe Pearl Jam.
"I think there is probably no better representation of hard rock in the 90's, except maybe Pearl Jam."

Given my username here, would it surprise you to know that I agree? ;)

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