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April 04 2012

(SPOILER) Tahmoh Penikett to appear on 'Castle'. He will appear in the May 7th Episode, in a potentially recurring role.

Do they ever cast Americans on that show? ;)
Sadly the spoiler tags on these types of stories don't really help because the title is the spoiler :(
Can't agree with you there, aroomacanvas. The fact that an actor is going to be in an episode of a television show in the future isn't a spoiler. It's just a fact. How does knowing that Tahmoh will be in an episode of Castle in any way spoil the story? If that's the case then surely the knowledge that Nathan Fillion is also going to be in the episode is technically a spoiler to you too, because that's as much as you know about Tahmoh's involvement. That he'll be... y'know... on the screen... acting! ;)
Yeah, technically the title is a spoiler, but as Five Horizons says, *ANY* advance information can technically be said to be giving away something. Seeing a listing that there will be an upcoming Episode of any ongoing show spoils the fact that whatever the current Episode is isn't the Series Finale. By that we can guess that the main character won't die, and infer the likelihood that other events might, or might not, happen.

Ultimately, there's really no way to prevent those types of spoilers except by not posting casting news at all. I'm sorry that you're disappointed to have seen this info in advance, but this is hardly the first time that a post has been written at Whedonesque that lets people know that an actor will be appearing in an upcoming movie or episode of a TV show. If you feel that such things should not be posted here, aroomacanvas, then I'd suggest writing to the moderators and/or site owner. If they change the policy in the future then I'll absolutely respect it.
See, I actually don't see this information as a spoiler in any way, to be honest. It tells you absolutely nothing about anything regarding the potential story, other than that there will be a new male character coming up, which you would have to assume is pretty likely anyway.

If the headline had been regarding an actor that had previously been in a show and thought to be gone for good, say "Julie Benz to return to Dexter full time", then yeah, absolutely a massive spoiler, because it relates to a plot we can predict pretty accurately. This casting news, unless you actually click on the story, is completely without context and doesn't spoil a thing.

Oh, and before anyone complains about the Dexter events I just alluded to, they're nearly three years old and Julie's been cast in at least two different series since then! If you want to be kept in the dark about plot details from so long ago, I suggest cancelling your internet service! ;)
I haven't been reading Whedonesque for a bit and come back to find alot of Whedonesquers attacking other posters. Really not too impressed with the tone these days.
The way around it, that would only work on here, would be "Dollhouse alum coming to Castle" which is the same amount of information in the larger scheme of things. I generally don't believe promos are spoilers - good commercials and trailers are an art of themselves, so saving they don't show final act death scenes, they're allowed.
Who is attacking whom, Lioness? I've disagreed with a point of view but that was for the sake of discussion rather than argument, and certainly not meant as an attack on aroomacanvas. As far as I can see in this thread there has been nothing said with malicious intent. Was there something in particular I've said that you thought was in the wrong?
If we could focus on the actual news instead of debating whether it's a spoiler (it isn't) and what others said then that would be appreeciated.
I do sort of miss the days of someone showing up on the screen unexpectedly, but that already went out the window with me noticing the guest star credits more often anyway... so... now if I haven't heard I tend to know in the first couple minutes anyway. At least it's a small surprise compared to all the other things I try to avoid. Though I do wish that I hadn't seen
we certainally having a whedonish theme for season 4 of castle which makes me smile heaps.

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