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April 04 2012

Preview Alan Silvestri's score for 'The Avengers'. It will be released on April 20th. ETA: The preview option is no longer available.

Does anyone know if a physical CD of this score will be issued? I'd like to buy a CD rather than a collection of MP3's. Thanks for any information.
I liked comparing these side-by-side with snippets of Silvestri's score for Captain America: The First Avenger to get a sense of the different tone and whatnot. The Avengers' score sounds suitably big and nasty. Loving it.
Really digging the tracks Helicarrier, A Promise, and The Avengers. I'm glad that The Avengers sounds so great to me, because I imagine it will be a prominent theme in the film. The slower, more contemplative tracks don't fare as well in the 30-second-preview format, but I'm sure that the full tracks of them are fantastic.

I'm wondering if I should buy the soundtrack before I see the movie. On the one hand, I love film scores and love being familiar enough with the score to pick it out when I watch the movie, but this desire is kind of going against my other desire to know as little as possible about it going in. Anyone else having this problem?
I do like being able to pick out the music as I'm watching - but I like doing it after at least the first viewing. Already knowing the music would distract me the first time (I assume; it does whenever they borrow from familiar classical pieces, although often that's just because they make weird cuts). So if I pick this up, I'll do it after the movie comes out.
Yefa I can't seem to find a CD for the score listed anywhere.
Yes, this is what you want. Bombastic, orgasmic, seeing the Enterprise for the first time-fantastic. Love.
I will confess that I didn't listen to much of the samples posted on Amazon,, but what I've heard so far I like.
I can't seem to see how to play the samples. Did they get taken down?
It does look like the samples got taken down. Last night I could see the Play buttons next to each sample and a Play All button above the grid. Now they're not there.
Me neither Simon. I will keep an eye out. Cheers for the reply.
@ Xander I'm having the same problem - I can't play them either. What country is everyone in who -can- play the samples? Right now I'm in Germany. Might that have something to do with it?

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