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"Okay, the entire world sucks because some dead ditz made a wish?"
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April 05 2012

One of us is a Valued Customer: The latest sketch from the popular webcomic Our Valued Customers hits pretty close to home.

It's a good thing the comments aren't hostile at all. People are the best.
I didn't think they were *that* bad. But yeah. Ha.
I love how Firefly haters seem to think they're this great silent majority when they won't shut up about how supposedly crappy Firefly is. Or how they seem to be convinced that Firefly not being heard of by a massive amount of people automatically means that most people hate it - whether or not someone hears about a show is due far more to marketing than show quality, and correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't including the opinions of people who haven't seen that show just stupid?
I agree. It's the exact reason I don't comment on 90% of the story in the Twilight series, because I stopped reading it after two chapters due to awful writing.
Huh, yeah, I'd go see a Whedon movie about a phone book, and it really would be shiny. Truly.

Cause he'd go through each listing and make each one have their own miniarc that involved robots and monsters and true love destroyed in an epic or, possibly worse, a mundane way.

Y'know someone is big when that person's fans are a target of a joke.
I wouldn't see a Joss movie about a phone book, because once I got to a listing I really liked...say the Callahan's or maybe even the Jacobs - you know what will happen.
Bam. Dead.
I think people are underestimating the riveting plotlines possible from phonebooks. G-H is just zomg.
Meh! Totally saw G-H coming. Soon as I had finished reading 'F' it was sooo obvious! I did like the twist with the Y-X-Z ending though. Clever!
I'm waiting for "Phonebook - The Musical".
I think that would be milking the franchise, kmb99.
If they're really smart, they'll split the movie into two parts, Yellow and White.
I can't see a musical happening. He's just got so much on his plate right now, including DH2. Now a comic book series on the other hand...26 letters. 26 issues. With an over arching plot tying them all together...Plus a little help from his friends.
The letter C will actually deconstruct comics as an art form, and D will deconstruct deconstruction. E will explode before you can finish the first page.
Jobo, you are a marketing genius.

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