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February 01 2004

Buffy: Season 7 R2 DVD Cover Art. Ok, so Angel season 4's is a tiny bit more interesting, but this is still cool!

Did she actually wear that dress (or hairstyle) in any S7 episode?
It looks a lot like the thing she wore for the season 6 promo pics. I don't believe they actually shot promo pics for season 7, so I guess they're recycling.
I was hoping that since season 7 was the last one, that they'd feature the entire cast on the cover.
I'm sure the R1 Season 7 cover will feature Spike exclusively, or maybe three Spikes. The Fox DVD people seem to really like Spike.
LOL @ Three Spikes
Hmmm, not sure about this as SMG looks a bit ill, and the green isn't really helping matters. The cover is completely undynamic too, it could do with a few smaller cast shots or something. Still, it's the contents that count!
I know this has been said before, but I still can't get over how sad and annoying it is that the people at Fox never figured out that Buffy is an ensemble show and that the majority of viewers didn't just tune in for SMG's character. I know the odd supporting cast member manages to sneak onto the covers (Willow on Season 4 and Spike & Dawn on Season 5, right?), but that's still not enough. You'd have thought that the highschool years at least would've had the core gang on the covers.

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