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April 05 2012

Captain America 2 gets a release date. It'll be out on April 4th, 2014. There was a new Captain America image from The Avengers included in the Disney press release. There's speculation that The Avengers 2 might be coming out on May 16th, 2014.

I thought the 2nd Spider-Man movie was coming out in May?
Wouldn't Capt. Am. 2 and The Avengers 2 being released roughly a month apart pose significant problems in shooting schedules? They'd have to shoot both films almost simultaneously. I somehow doubt they would tentatively set a release date that way. Not that I'm a scheduling expert, of course.
Well they released Thor and Captain America about two months apart, granted they had something like maybe two cast members crossover.

Perhaps there's a chance that they might do that combined budget/project thing like the two Pirates of the Caribbean sequels or the LOTRs or those book adaptations they're splitting into two halves...?

Granted most of those do wait a good number of months so they can release one on DVD in time to build up anticipation for the other, aside from all the post-production work they'd need to accomplish.

Again though it sort of varies if they're entirely separate productions since the Captain stuff might largely still be a period piece. Or maybe Chris Evans will only be needed on one mostly and the other he's mostly masked. Maybe they're going to pull a Winter Soldier switch?
From what I understand the Captain America sequel won't be a period piece like the first film.It will be set post Avengers.There might be flasbacks but the film will be mostly a modern set story.

Also it sounds like Captain America 2 will have a new director.Joe Johnston won't be back.Reports last week indicated that Marvel has narrowed the director job it down to three guys.
Do we know anything on the likelyhood of Joss's future involvement with The Avengers 2 or any of the other future Avengers related films? Is a sequel happening at all already a sure thing?
I'll be honest,I doubt Avengers 2 is coming out in 2014.2015 woold be more likely I would think.They might use the other 2014 slot for a new property like Dr. Strange,Ant Man,The Inhumans,Runaways or something else.

As for Joss being back.That's probably up in the air.Marvel as of late has been going with new directors for each of their films including sequels.Jon Favreau is the only one who has done more then one film for Marvel studios.

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I vaguely remember talks of Joss doing the second Avengers, but I wouldn't know where to even look for that. I doubt this movie is going to flop exactly, but a sequel would surely depend on how much it makes.
Joss said in some recent interviews that if he did do a sequel,he would take it down smaller instead of bigger.

I think there will be a Avengers sequel but I think they will build up to it again like the first film with the solo character flicks leading up to it.

Kevin Feige has said that phase 2 begins with next summer's Iron Man 3 as the build up to Avengers 2.

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Hopefully the mystery release date is reserved for the Hulk. Perhaps Marvel is waiting to see how the character plays for audiences in The Avengers. I'd actually like to see Joss do the next Hulk film. From the interviews I've read, he seems to have particularly enjoyed collaborating with Ruffalo to bring his vision of the character to the screen. I like to see that further fleshed out in a solo film.

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Feige has stated there are big plans for 2015, so I expect a sequel then. Be fun if they did a proper two-part movie.
Perfectly reasonable for Cap 2 and Avengers 2 to be released that close together but shot separately enough for Evans to make both movies. Cap2 would shoot first, then Avengers 2. Could even schedule across an overlap if necessary, Evans won't be needed for as much of Avengers 2 as Cap 2 cause he's part of an ensemble in the latter.

Avengers is being released approximately 2 years after Joss was hired. If it does as well as they hope, there's every reason to suspect they'll want to hire him for the sequel immediately and crank it out just as quickly to release in May 2014.

Just saying it can be done, wouldn't be surprised if they did it differently

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