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April 05 2012

Joss Whedon will be answering fan questions on Reddit on April 10th. Reddit will be featuring Joss Whedon in an "Ask Me Anything" forum where users can ask the man himself any question they want!

The event starts at 11:30 AM Pacific.

Lionsgate better be doing this thing properly. I've seen some studio run ones go embarrassingly wrong.
Awesome. How long do these typically last? I have read a few after the fact but not paid close attention to the answer timestamps.
Entirely up to whoever starts it. They should probably change from AMA to Ask Me Almost Anything.
Is it really "Ask Me Anything" though? The site says it's IAmA = "I am a."
The posts in that subreddit start as "IAmA", but then end with either "AMA" which is "Ask Me Anything" or "AMAA" which is "Ask Me Almost Anything".
Ah. That explains it, thanks.
You can ask anything, doesn't mean you'll get an answer. Betting this AMA will rival Neil Tyson's in response. Reddit LOVES Joss.
Betting this AMA will rival Neil Tyson's in response. Reddit LOVES Joss.

Boy, do I love a group of people for whom these two people are major draws :)
Sunfire - for an AMA this large, you probably want to get your question asked as soon as you can after it starts, since there will probably be so many questions that any later ones will be buried.

That said, everyone here should definitely participate! AMAs are a really unique and cool way to interact with fans on a more personal level. Also, check out
I am so putting this on my calendar.
Thanks for posting! Hopefully I'll be able to ask him a couple of questions.

I hoped that he'll visit Moscow to promote "The Avengers" but, alas, he won't.

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