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April 05 2012

"The Cabin In The Woods" Mondo/Alamo Drafthouse poster. A special poster for "The Cabin in the Woods".

I like this a lot. Hoping I'll be able to get my hands on one.
I'd love one. But I will be loving it from afar.
I'd really would love to get one. I hate living in a country where finding posters are really hard. I won't even be able to get my hands on the regular poster so I'll just settle for making this my iPad wallpaper.
There was an advance screening with a special free poster and I didn't even know about it. *cries*

Very cool poster though.
Sold out. Damn. Well, that was predictable.
I saw an advert for 'The Cabin in the Woods' on the side of a bus today, which was quite exciting, as I live in a small town in the Forest of Dean (in the UK), with no buses going to any city larger than Gloucester. Which suggests the film is going to be promoted properly.
Amazing! M.C.Escheresque and beautifully done with that sepia tone - Love it!

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