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April 05 2012

Does that book say what I think it says? Apparently, Greendale Community College gets their books from UC Sunnydale.

This just made my day.
Hee awesome.
A Firefly reference was the reason I watched this show for the first time. I now watch it nearly every day at work.
Community S02E04 - Basic Rocket Science, for those wondering. Kind of old news though, I'm willing to bet this has been posted before.
And another Firefly reference in tBBT episode tonight. Firefly and Hawking in the same episode. How very fitting.

Considering the huge number of watchers of tBBT, I wonder how many new Firefly fans there are due to hearing about it on the show?
I didn't see it posted before. This, plus the Firefly reference, plus Enver Gjokaj's appearance all contribute to my love of Community.
Greendale? Isn't that where Postman Pat lives?

[ edited by mr_waterproof on 2012-04-06 17:07 ]
No no Mr Waterproof, it's where Human Beings live!
I've recently started watching the show. In fact, I watched that episode for the first time yesterday and didn't see the text book. Awesome catch.

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