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April 06 2012

Crave Online reviews Comic-Con: Episode IV: A Fan's Hope. William Bibbiani (the site's film channel editor), calls the documentary, "A heartfelt reminder of just how meaningful Comic-Con can be... I've seen strains of herpes less infectious."

He gives the film a near-perfect rating of 9 out of 10.

Wow!!! What great news. I've stayed away from the hype and other articles up to now and was thrilled to see such a positive review.

I'm also excited to see the Chuck Rozanski segment. (I might be the only one...)

I'll probably watch on demand later tonight, can't wait to discuss with my fellow 'verse fans!
Trying to watch it now, though it seems the world has conspired to interrupt it every two minutes!

No exaggeration. It's taken over an hour to get to minute 28!

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