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April 06 2012

(SPOILER) Dark Horse's Buffyverse comic books for July. The line-up includes Buffy #11 and A&F #12. Covers and descriptions are very spoilerish for guest stars.

I've had this fear that the ultimate point of a Willow crossover to AnF would be for her to forgive Angel for being Twilight. And, oh look, variant cover of the two of them being terrorized by their evil alter egos. Wonder where that's going? Grrr, they could at least have had the giant Bad!Angel be Twilight. I've been complaining throughout that what Angel did in Season 8 isn't being taken seriously enough, and the fact that everybody still seems to think Angelus is the evil about him that still needs talking about and not the evil he did on his own with his soul right there.
Not too impressed with the Buffy covers, but the A&F ones are both fantastic. The bodyguard plot sounds... like it has potential? Hope it goes well. On the other hand, A&F's plot sounds flawless. Can't wait to see Rebekah's take on both Connor and Willow, and having them apart of this series will be great (love them both).
All four covers look great.Really looking forward to the this Angel & Faith arc.Very excited about it.The Buffy as bodyguard sounds interesting and I'm actually glad to see the return of Kennedy.In season 7 I was indifferent to her but I really grew to like her in season 8.
Eldre Koh is back!

Time to illyria's return
The A&F covers are awesome. Can't wait for that.
Finally! We get to see Quor-Toth.
Actually, seeing Quor'toth is probably only going to yield something that doesn't succeed in capturing the horror we imagined. Not to mention that it is another dimension and they will going from their own dimension to that dimension, pretty much putting an end to any pretense about the Seed having done much at all other than take Willow's powers. As an added bonus, it's yet another whack at the supposed inaccesibility of the place. It was supposed go be bloody hard to get to before all the dimension jumping was supposed to be over.

This continues to be such a mixed thing for me, another "man, this book is great" but enjoyment requiring I ignore almost every central plot development of the season before it. Khaaaaaan... ?

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Well it could be another Attic but I've always wanted to see the dimension and now I will. It can be finally ticked off my Angel Season 3 wishlist.

I looked up the place on Buffy Wikia and it said

"Quor'toth, the darkest of the dark worlds, was a hell dimension that could be accessed only through tearing the very fabric of reality and not via a regular portal, like Pylea or other dimensions".

But that could have come from the novels so I dunno.
So I guess this means there's no way Buffy can still be pregnant by this point, right? I mean, she's jumping IN FRONT of bullets and one is going right for her stomach! I found the image to be a little jarring considering everything else that's happening right now. I'm also assuming she's not a robot at this point, either...guess that all gets cleared up way quicker than I thought...
Actually, that description of Quor'toth makes this a little more believable post-seed. It isn't so much as opening a portal so it isn't the same kind of dimension hopping. That said, that means it also requires a hell of a lot more magical punch so...yea, I dunno. On some level it works better, on some not as well. We'll have to wait and see how it's done really.
That all said, super excited to have Kennedy, Connor and WIllow back in the game.
Simon-That's not from a novel, it's canon.
Huh. I like the idea of Buffy as a bodyguard.
That is the same canon I was referring to, actually. It is another dimension, that is not in canonical dispute. It is just harder to access than others. It took even more epic magic to punch a hole in reality, both times, and both times it is at least implied that Jasmine pushing. I don't see anything in that language that exempts it from the Seed exposition. If anything, the more magical effort it took before, the less likely it should be to access it now. If anything, I'm happy to point out the continuity error now (like Angel inviting Harmony) to give them a chance to think up a handwave.

Willow, zompires, Morah blood. That is it so far. Everything else that is different has only materialized in interviews and such, like 'no good music'. It breaks the illusion for me that, if we are supposed to be imagining this isolated dimension with no magic and apparently a lack of human ingenuity, that they aren't even sticking to the few rules we already know.

The good news is Connor and Willow, and the hope that they will be well used. It is a good month for guest stars, especially Kennedy. Would be interesting to see her and Buffy actually become friends.
Lorne to Angel, "Forgiving":

Hey, I talked to a couple of different sources like you asked. Angel, the news isn't good. This--this "Quor'toth" dimension is--well, everyone that I spoke to is afraid of it. And these are not easily rattled people, and--that's not all. The portal you saw opened? It wasn't a portal because there are no portals to Quor'toth. And for a very good reason. It's probably the most hellish of all the demon dimensions in this known plane of existence. The only way to Quor'toth is to rip right through the fabric of reality. This isn't a matter of finding an interdimentional hot spot or conjuring an opening with a simple incantation. To punch through to Quor'toth would require dark, dark magics: the kind of power it takes centuries to build .... We don't have the resources to conjure up that much dark power.

It'll be interesting to see how they explain getting to Quor-toth in a world without magic. Could make for a great story though.
Buffy having a job that actually makes sense... Could be interesting!!! :)

And don't get me started on A&F! That series is making a lot of loose ends from Angel more fleshed out, so I am eternally grateful to Christos.

Also, maybe it's just me, but the fact that there was a certain 2nd issue of a miniseries that was supposed to be in the July solicitation gets me very sad. :'(
Oh wow. I just realized that the main cover for A&F is Connor. That's the first time I've had actual difficulty seeing who a character was at first glance in a very long time...
The cover of Angel & Faith #11 makes me wonder if the sycthe could tear a hole in reality.
Or maybe, at the least, the scythe will be the available amount of 'latent magic' that gets tapped to break into Quor'toth.
That would be cool, Simon.
Quor-toth. Wow this is huge. After the big deal that was made about not being able to get there I'm very interested to see how they get round that one!

Was hoping they would be in actual LA for longer, but this is still very cool. Wouldn't be a season of Angel without a trip to another dimension:-)

And I love how on the Connor cover all the demons look frightened. The Destroyer is back:-)

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