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April 06 2012

Watch Joss Whedon, Morgan Spurlock and others talk about "Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope". The programme starts at around the 0:20:31 mark. The movie is out today in various formats (including iTunes and Amazon Instant Video).

15 minutes in and I'm out. That was just painful. Hope it got better for the people with more patience than me.
Kaan, you can skip forward twenty minutes and save yourself the irritation. Of course I'm annoyed because I want to see the actual documentary on iTunes but I can't find it (or they don't have it).

Downloading the rental now! Thank you Simon!

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embers, you can rent it on iTunes USA here.
To anyone who didn't managed to watch it until the end, Joss mentions that he just finished the Avengers movie that very day.

Also Joss mentions that it was his idea to follow someone going to the Comic Con Masquerade, which is great as that's one of the more interesting stories in the documentary.

Also anyone know if it's available on demand or download in Canada? I already saw the movie at Toronto International Film Festival and thought it was a really great movie, but I know others who would like to see it.
I was hoping it would be free for Amazon Prime members… =(
Its $7.99 to download on Comcast in high def.

I thought it was appropriate that Joss' CoH's superhero was a spitting image of Illyria.
Alex, I think that is a good deal since you can keep the Comcast download on your DVR (and maybe get equipment to put it on Disk?). I watched/rented it at iTunes for $6.99 but it will only be available for 24 hours.
Joss is wearing a Buffy jacket. Nice.
embers, it seemed like a bargain to me too. My fiance and I saw it for 8 bucks, can't beat that. And it doesn't download to the dvr, its just the standard on demand "streaming."

I'm thrilled to report that we were very happy with the production. Enjoyable for both me and for my much less comic-loving fiance. Joss & Co. did an amazing job. I kept seeing people that I knew or that I've met over the years. I was surprised nobody from Comic Buyers Guide made it into the the very least I expected Maggie Thompson to have a quick comment or two. I guess they couldn't put everyone in the movie.

I'd say the documentary accomplished what it set out to do and what higher compliment can be made of any documentary?

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