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April 06 2012

Jewel Staite returns to television with the new CW drama "L.A. Complex". A few quick preview clips can be found at the link, including one featuring the ever-lovely Jewel.

Any word on whether or not it will be available on Hulu?
I have the first four episodes on my PVR and just watched the first episode this morning. I've heard it compared to Melrose Place only grittier. Jewel does a great job of playing a character with not a hint of Kaylee in her! ;)
Well that description of her makes me a bit sad ;)
On rare occasions being Canadian has advantages, in that I saw this last fall on it's original airing channel "Much Music".
Considering the last ep on Much was supposed to be a "mid season-finale" I wish they would come up with the rest of the season!

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