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April 06 2012

Help Buffy slay Kristen Stewart in The Ultimate Fan Battle - The Final Four. Kristen Stewart is back along with Glee (who is up against Supernatural) after the Wild Card Round. Vote for Buffy in the Final Four!

You have until Sunday, April 8th at 7:00PM PDT to vote. :)

Buffy is winning, but sadly so is Supernatural. Yes, I'm a Glee fan.
Buffy doesn't need our help (clearly), but I'm glad I could stand in the back pretending I did something.

I like Glee too, but I've heard so many amazing things about Supernatural, that I have no doubt it's good enough to win. In fact I think it's going to be a tough battle between Supernatural and Buffy.
The few times I've watched Supernatural (like that time James Marsters and Charisma Carpenter guest starred), it didn't seem like a very good show. I'm surprised to find it has such a passionate online fanbase. It's too bad it's whomping Glee, a show which is a ridiculous mess but that I like anyway, but it seems sorta pointless to have this extra round when the outcome is so obvious?
yeah I voted Glee too. And, obviously, Buffy. Though I will say that while Twilight can suck it, I do like Kristen Stewart. Runaways movie? AWESOME.
I voted for Buffy and Supernatural. The former is my favorite show of all time and I'm a longtime fan of the latter. I've never been able to get through a whole episode of Glee...and I like musicals.
I will obviously vote for Buffy in the final.
Buffy and Supernatural. They have characters you want to know more about and get attached to. I'm actually interested to see who wins, my vote will be for Buffy but I won't be surprised if SPN comes out the winner, it's still on the air and it has really passionate fans (many are from Whedonverse origins ;p).

Wasn't KS and Glee voted off? Why bring that back again *sigh* so like E! to do this.

I used to like Glee but now I watch it whenever 'cause the story got turned around so many times and loses focus it's not worth getting invested in the characters.
Buffy will win hands down.
I tried out Supernatural, but like every show that has been compared to BtVS (with the exception of Veronica Mars), I could not get into it. I watched the entire first season and liked it well enough, but not enough to keep on.

Buffy all the way!
Oh, I thought it was only me?! I can appreciate the writing sometimes in Supernatural, and often see what they're going for, but it never connects. Would have been cool if it was two brothers, and their sister. Might have liked it more then.
buffy all the way
I've been watching through Supernatural via Netflix, and am well into the fourth season. It's like a cross between X-files and Buffy. They do arcs, like Buffy. The two leads are pretty terrific actors, as with Buffy. The writing varies but, imho, is usually fresh and often either startling or hysterical. Like X-files, it improves as they stretch out and experiment and turn things on their head. I don't know how I missed it.
filops, the fourth season is what really hooked me. That, or Misha Collins. Really it's a toss up. (oh Cas...)
Voted and voted.

My wife and I just recently started watching "Supernatural" on Netflix. We're now a good bit into the second season, and we're quite enjoying it. It'll never be a show that we defend to the death or anything, but we're happy to be going through it at a steady pace and to have it be our current Show of the Moment. The best way I've figured out to describe it is that I expected it to be okay but kinda bad, when in fact it's actually okay but kinda good.
XanMan, you and your wife will adore the third season!
And Buffy is in the lead by 75%. Think I posted she will win, but there's that "overworked braincell always in play" notion.

Did we win anything?
XanMan, I'd say the fourth is the best so far to me, though the third is good. It seemed to start well and get better. The two leads are terrific actors and developed interesting, the dialogue is fresh (as with Buffy, but not imitative), and a number of plot-turns are fresh and surprising.

Plus, as a Christian, I was (A) interested that the writers even made ANY kind of poke in certain directions, though of course (B) I'd have developed it a lot differently.

It's a reflection on the field of "dark fantasy" in general in general that even a small gesture makes it stand out.
What if Bella was a Slayer? NOT.
Buffy, of course. And Supernatural over Glee, easily. I watch Glee for the musical performances only - because if you took those out, the remainder would be unwatchable. I don't have a link to it, but Maureen Ryan wrote a piece a while back wondering why people liked Glee so much when it was such a poorly written show.
Hah, I wach Glee for the lesbians only. Supernatural is amazing. Although come to a toss up I don't think I could ever vote against Buffy.
Joss directed Glee. Did he direct Supernatural? I think not. ;)

I tried watching the first season, I've tried individual episodes since, I quite like Mr. Ackles, but the show does nothing for me. Very predictable, too.
I think Joss only did one show for Glee, but I stopped watching not long after that, so not sure.

Supernatural is my favorite show and I tell people that it is a show about family that happens to hunt things that go bump in the night. It hooked me from the first ep as J2 just seemed to know their characters like they had been doing it for years. Loved season 4 and Misha Collins as Castiel with the whole Angel/Demon arc, but my favorite ep so far has been the finale of S5, Swan Song. Can't hardly wait for S8 and having Jeremy Carver come on board as showrunner. Love his writing also, but hope Sera Gamble stays around as a writer.

Buffy and SPN for the finals, but then it will have to be SPN for the win. That is the only series that I have watched more often than Buffy.
Rehabber, what I'm loving about the fourth season is that they're around where (imho) X-files got to be around the fourth or fifth. They're starting to have fun with the premise, starting to do "What ifs." You know, "What if we did an 'It's a Wonderful Life' in reverse, and...?" and "What if they found a series of books named 'Supernatural' that told every case they'd been on...?" and so on.
Filops, one of my favorite lines was in the X-files one, Clap Your Hands if you believe, Dean telling Sam, "Empathy, Sam, empathy". Laughed till tears were running. To me the funniest ep is in S6 The French Mistake.

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