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April 08 2012

Dutch premiere of The Cabin in the Woods. I thought we had to wait untill the beginning of May, but I presume this is true...

"19 april gaat de film The Cabin in the Woods in de bioscopen draaien. Op 13 april gaat de film echter in premiere op een bijzondere plek: het Amsterdamse Bos. "

So Friday the 13th, also in The Netherlands.
Any Dutchies having plans to go there?

It premieres in all Pathe cinemas on Friday the 13th as well.

Friday 13th in the Uk as well.
Now, I'm more depressed, not only is the late release made moot, but you get it early.

Yes, I'm still annoyed by our August 17th, slated (emphasis on slated, we might still lose it, like Serenity) release.
Dont cry too much Numfar; in Spain THERE IS NOT EVEN A DATE YET.
Sweden now has May 4th, so that's after the Avengers. Somewhat strangely there was no trailer for it when I saw Hunger Games the other day.
@OldSwede: When do "Avengers" and "Snow White" open in Sweden?
Maybe someone is trying to make May the month of Chris Hemsworth (despite him being Australian instead of Nordic).
Sidenote, does anyone know which cinemas are actually showing it in the UK? Because I can't find it anywhere on the websites for Cineworld or Odeon.
It's opening wide in the UK, but there's been a cock up resulting in it not being bookable or listed on schedules. Apparently this will be fixed Wednesday.
I thought Pathe was going to show them too on the 13th? I saw it on their website.
Thanks gossi! I was really confused about it not appearing on any of the websites, especially since i've seen so much advertising for it lately.
Yeah, they're spending what looks to be millions on advertising and it isn't listed on schedules or for bookings. I have no idea.
I didn't know if it warranted a news post because it's so local, but the Belgian release has been pushed back one week to the second of may according to both KFD (, there's a release list on there) and the Kinepolis (main film theatre company in the country) websites. No idea why.

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