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April 08 2012

Tickets sold out for special "Ultimate Marvel Marathon" screenings. Tickets have sold out a month in advance for screenings at 10 North American locations that will show Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America and The Avengers as a single 12-hour event.

I rewrote the post to be clearer. As a general note it's generally best to summarize the main point of the link's content in your own words and make your own headline. Especially for the Avengers, as there's lots of coverage leading up to the release and what maybe makes a catchy headline for a general entertainment site may not be very informative here.

It's certainly an interesting news item. I had no idea there were 12 hour Marvel movie marathons going on.
I was going to do this, but I honestly don't think I could sit in a movie theater for 12 hours.... And I'm a huge movie buff that loves watching films/having tv marathons. Being constrained at a theater and then having all of this excitement/anticipation built up for Avengers just seems exhausting. Honestly, I'd rather wait in line for 5 hours, dressed in my Loki costume with my Buffy tshirt on, surrounded by my friends and have the best seat in the IMAX theater. Just me though lol
And I was gonna do this, but unfortunately Thursdays tend to be a day when my bosses want me to be at work :p

Otherwise, though, it sounds pretty awesome.
Going to sell a lot of popcorn.
I was almost tempted, but I too can't bear the thought of sitting in a theater for this long. I once went to a double feature of the first two Godfather movies, and learned 7 hours is my absolute limit. I can't conceive of how I would survive this.

Plus, I would be dog-tired after watching the 5 preceding movies; I want to see The Avengers with fresh eyes and mind.
I think I'm just going to watch the movies in order, with one each night on blu-ray for the 5 days leading up to The Avengers on the 26th. Then see it again the next night too!
Whedonites Assemble. We need a huge turnout that weekend so Avengers beats down all other openings and make it so Dark Knight Rises doesn't have a chance to beat it.

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