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April 08 2012

(SPOILER) Cabin in the Woods spoilery 'Glitch' trailer. If you've already decided you're going to watch the movie, skip it.

I was trying to work out what '98' was a homage to - any takers?
There were several little things like that I figured were call-outs to movies the hardcore horror fans would recognize. But I didn't, of course.
Yeah, that's super-spoilery.

And I saw it at a horror film festival and I didn't get '98. Had it been '87 I'd have said "ah, Evil Dead II" but not '98...
The YouTube one is region locked, because corporations silly.
And the Facebook one won't play on iOS devices because Flash. Living in future is annoying.
Heh, heh. Should I speak?
SlayerFest '98?
I must be dense because everyone of these 'spoilery' trailers/reviews/posters/merchandising tie ins have not told me anything. I'm still so clueless on what's going to happen in this movie... I just know I am going to go see it and love every second of it.
This one is designed to tease, methinks. I was in two minds about posting it here, but it's kinda very creepy and interesting, so I did.

Plus, Amy Acker.

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I don't like this trailer. Makes the movie look like the government's new way to "deal" with terrorists through trapping them in a horror movie, or a very ugly reality show. Thankfully, the real reason isn't revealed.
Simon, I'ma go with The Faculty. My reasoning may be a bit circumstantial, but it seems to track well. It gets into movie spoilers a bit, so I'll stop there.

Made it to one of the screenings today, it's awesome, go watch it everybody!
noway234 I have to agree. I've been spoiled spoiled spoiled and I still have no clue how this film is going to pan out.

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